December 28

You Would Think Our So-Called Leaders Would Get The Message!


This will be short and sweet! We all know that the Geniuses that are elected by the people should be smart, but apparently not!

When the government wants to lower our gas prices they go to the emergency reserve and flood the market with reserves knowing that the price would drop as a result of supply and demand, right? They do this all the time knowing that the cost at the pump will drop!

Question: Then why don’t they open our resources and let it flow, the price will drop dramatically, and whoever is the President at the time will get credit.

In this case, when the reserves are depleted BAM the price will go even higher because we have no more reserves and we have to buy the oil from others.

I have said before and will say again unless our leaders focus on energy independence we will never get a lid on inflation. We will always be teetering on the edge of inflation, worrying whether we are going to trigger the next major inflationary cycle or not.

What a way to live, worrying whether we are going into inflation or not and then listening to the so-called experts who don’t know any more than the others. You economist start looking at the Macro and see what just triggered inflation during these last two years, and go and fix it.

Worrying about alternative energy is ok, but don’t blow the bridge up before we get across it. We need all forms of energy to survive, it’s all a gift from God and we are not paying attention.

I am a 78-year-old economist and if I ever spouted the information that is said today I would have flunked out of class.

Go back to the reason inflation started 2 years ago and focus on making the United States Energy independent again. Trump showed you how to do it, so go do it!

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