December 27

You Are Losing 10-20 Percent of Your Income and You Don’t Know It!

Most people are losing 10%-20% of their wealth to financial inefficiencies and they don’t know it. I have been working with clients for over 30 years and in all cases, I have seen that clients have been losing a huge amount of money, annually, and they don’t know it.


It’s part of the system, in other words, it’s baked into the financial planning process and continued to be practiced by financial planners on a daily basis. Do they know it? Some do, and some don’t, but they look the other way. There is only one process that exposes the inefficiencies and that is the Leap System. If you are working with a Leap Practitioner you are probably exposing these losses but, even then some are better than others.

Why does this happen? It happens because lots of people follow financial planners blindly thinking because they are the experts they should know what they are doing. Also because the financial institutions are so big and pervasive they are able to push their philosophy on consumers unsuspectingly with the consumers unaware of their actions. The financial institutions educate and control the financial industry.

So why is LEAP better?

Leap is better because unlike financial planning it looks at the whole financial picture in a macroeconomic model allowing the consumer to see everything before they make any moves. It’s a known fact, in the economic world, that looking at the macro will uncover micro issues and that’s what LEAP does. By creating a macroeconomic model of a client’s personal wealth the model gives a clear understanding of your wealth and how to grow it. Financial Planners don’t understand it because it is Economics based and not taught by the financial planning schools.

This process has been around for over 40 years but because it proves the financial planning and financial institutions industry wrong they don’t like it and try to discredit it. It is proven over and over again that the financial industry is wrong, but slowly people are able to make the paradigm shift needed to look at their financial world differently. So if you are looking to take control of your financial world and eliminate the losses find a LEAP Systems practitioner and they will help you.

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