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I've spent my entire career studying the habits and practices of the mega wealthy.  I've spent over 40 years coaching clients on these exact principles with incredible success.  Now, I've distilled the essence of my knowledge into 6 simple practices that you can start today to create, grow and maintain your wealth.

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What They Say about the Book

“Implementing Ray's unique strategies and techniques has really made a different on my financial picture.”

John Ward

"I have known Ray for at 13 years and he has served as a real mentor to me when it comes to not only financial matters but also personal issues and experiences."

Victor Araya


What’s Inside the Book?

How To Achieve Unlimited Wealth

Everyone possesses the ability to have unlimited wealth. There is a uniqueness amongst human beings that allow us to achieve whatever goal we set for ourselves. I teach how to tap into that power.

Develop an Action Plan To Success

When you dream of a goal, you have to allow yourself the ability to discover an action plan to achieve that goal. I will show you how to do both.

How To Deal With Emotional Triggers

Human beings are creatures of emotion and a lot of our behaviors are driven by emotional triggers. I teach how to understand and control them to lead you to your goals.

About the Author

Dr. Raymond Jewell, Ph.D.

Dr. Raymond Jewell has a Doctorate In Economics and has been coaching/mentoring clients and business owners for over 40 years in how to protect, save and grow their wealth through macro-economic strategies. This book is the first step he shares with all his clients.

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