October 11

What is MAGA and how does it affect America’s economic future?


I am amazed at how many people don't know what MAGA means and how it can truly transform America. When I google what MAGA means I find articles that quote it in a literal sense, Make America Great Again. They are so far off course in understanding the true sense of MAGA. When America is governed based on America First the Country will become wealthier and the people will be elevated accordingly.

MAGA is America First!  Make America Great Again is making America number one in the World. It's got nothing to do with Trump, subversive groups, terrorists, or any other negative association. Although President Trump brought the phrase to light it has been around for years and has been touted by Democrats and Republicans.

Making America Great Again is pointing out that America has lost its way and wants to go back to the time when our Country was number one. Even though we want to get back to when America was taking care of its own business first but in a more modern time. We want to focus on what made America great before and that's when we took care of ourselves first before we worried about others. Making America Great Again is going back to basics and understanding what worked before, and using the strategies today that worked yesterday.

Understanding the history of Making America Great will tell us that we need to focus on our own economy first, and making sure that the people are not struggling. Because our politicians are so focused on Globalization they end up giving away our tax money making the people work harder and harder and harder to the point of exhaustion. What worked before was the government didn't tax the people they managed the country using tariffs as income and leaving the people to keep what they earned.

The Country went from no taxes to taxes for a one-time expense which was WWI. Milton Friedman, a well-known economist, once said the thing that he was the saddest for doing was helping the Federal Government invent payroll deduction income tax.  

All of a sudden the Federal Government has money that it can spend without going back to the people to as ask for money. Now the Government has its hands in every person's pocket and starts to spend like there is no tomorrow, which is now getting closer.

MAGA whats to go back to America First policy where the people are number one and the Government has to ask the people first. Everything now becomes America First, where we take care of our home before we help others.

I understand why people feel threatened when they hear MAGA because we as a country and a people have never lived under a true America First policy. We have always been controlled by politicians and their own agenda and don't understand how great it would be under America First.

It's threatening in a political sense since it is moving to replace a way of thinking that everyone has to kowtow to the government. That's what people are used to and that's what they expect, and will fight to keep the status quo.

Just think how lovely it would be to live under a true America First Government. The Country would be wealthier, and we as a people would be wealthier. We would be a very powerful nation with others wanting to know how we did it. We would be strong again, wealthy again, powerful again, free again, OMG- That's MAGA isn't it?

The people who fight against MAGA-America First are the people who don't want to be America First. They have some crazy notion that being part of a global sect will make their lives easier. On the contrary, people will become slaves to a global group and will lose their freedoms. What is more important to an American, being free to control your own life and having the Government work to make the individual's life better or having to live within a Government that is controlled by a Global group?

Globalism is back to Colonialism where we do all the work and others make the money. We worked really hard to get away from a King who controlled the colonies to allow us to go back to that form of government.

There are many countries that practice their Country First governments, look at Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Italy, and many others. We end up being the pocketbook for other countries that take care of themselves first and use our money for which we get nothing, except to end up putting stress on the American Citizens.

We would become the wealthiest country on the planet and everyone would live like a king and queen without worrying about money and the stresses it comes with trying to earn it. America First policies date back in time but never have they been practiced to their fullest extent. Just think if we were indeed an America First Country we all would be keeping more of what we earn and the misery index would be nonexistent.  

All I ask is to ponder what our Country would be like if we practiced America First (MAGA) and everyone was living a life that they imagined and are wealthy beyond belief. How wonderful that would be!

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