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Top Pitfalls of Network Marketing


Top Pitfalls of Network Marketing

Top Pitfalls of Network Marketing are, to some obvious, but to many they are elusive.

Even the top mlm companies in the world have some concern as to why there is such a high turn over in the network marketing industry.

If you are looking to join or have joined a network marketing company you will want to read this first since it could save you lots of money and time.

When people are approached by another to join the best mlm opportunity on the planet, remember that is how they feel at the time. They are all stoked with emotion and then it rubs off on others. So now in the heat of the emotion people join the particular company and are convinced they are going to make millions.

After a few months reality sets in, and the person who emotionally joined their particular company decides that they don’t like the product or the company anymore. Their love affair has faded and the harsh reality is that they wish they had their money back.

Even though there are people all over the internet selling network marketing strategies on how to make your business grow. All the network marketing secrets in the world will not help the person in this position.

At this point in time the “Guild in off the Lilly” so to speak. The person has fallen out of love with the company so at this point one of two things will happen. They will hate network marketing all together or they will go find another company.

What needs to happen is to build a mini network marketing business plan to vet the company they are looking at before they join. If you have a format to follow you can make your life easier before you spend any money or commit your time. I have put together a short video that will walk you through the steps on how to vet a company you are looking at. Just Click here and you can have free access to it.

There are many areas where you can find planning tools, one of my favorite is the Small Business Administration where you can get tons of information to put together your mini business plan. If you don’t want to use them and put one together I have already taken the important points and put them in the video for you.

Network Marketing is a business and should be treated like any other business. Putting together a business plan before you spend money is the only smart thing to do. This is the main reasons why people fail in the business. If they would take the short time to see if the particular company is right for them or not they would save time and money.

The Companies should take heed and vet their future distributors also but the money grab is so strong that I really don’t think that will ever happen. But on the other hand there are many companies that have fabulous training programs in place to guide their distributors to success if they would follow them.

Here’s the kicker, most companies are awful in business retention. When a distributor starts to drop off they don’t reach out and try to life them up. If a company charges an annual fee and they shared it with the distributors the retention might go up, if they don’t have a fee they can see when the product purchases stop or slow down and they should reach out to the distributor.

But, for our discussion make sure that the company is right for you before you join. Look at it this way, when you are looking for a job would you take anyone? No! so why just join any company without checking them out.

If you have team mates that are not getting to their maximum potential please share this with them. Then can relaunch their existing business into huge momentum using this video.

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