September 8

The Ideal Network Marketing Company


$-2Many people ask me what is the ideal network marketing company to join? The answer, in my opinion is one that has little to no entry fee and exciting as hell.

Just think about it, if people didn’t have to pay to join a network marketing company and they found one that they had great passion for, they would work hard and make money. But what happens is the opposite, people get frustrated and quit and then can’t get their money back.

Let’s explore these two points.

Part One- The ideal Network Marketing Company

  1. Paying money up front only pays the up-line so the company does not have to do it. It’s that simple! But what occurs when this practice happens is that when people are presented a company, they get caught up in the excitement from the person presenting the opportunity, and then they join only to discover later on they don’t like the product or company. They fall out of love with the company then have a bad taste in their mouth because they can’t get their money back.
  2. If they could join a company that does not charge money up front the stigma of shelling out money goes away, and if down the road they don’t like what they are doing they have not laid out any huge amount of money. But, usually when there is no cost to enter it’s easier to present to others and the success rate climbs. When the barriers of entry are removed more people are accepting of the company. You see, most people like the network marketing business model, they just don’t like the cost of entry and all the money they have to spend on auto-ships.

Part Two- The Ideal Network Marketing Company

  1. Find a the best network marketing company to join that you like and can fall in love with. There are so many “Me Too” companies in the network marketing space that a distributor is almost assured of getting some sort of rejection when presenting their products or programs. So find one that you can get excited about and has minimum rejection. When you have passion for your products or company, that serves to override much negativity. Passion is a key ingredient in success! The new wave of companies that are emerging are technology companies which have an exciting following.
  2. Look for a company that is not a knock off from another company and does not have a required auto-ship. The new tech companies don’t have auto-ship but a monthly service fee that is required for the service. But if you still like the vitamin, energy drink, anti-aging, type companies make sure that they have a small or no fee to entry and a minimal auto-ship.

So in conclusion, find a company that has no cost of entry and one that you have a great passion for and you will see incredible success. I know because it worked for me. If you want help looking for a company that meets the above criteria shoot me an email at and I will help you find one.

No matter where you live simply by satisfying the above two criteria you will feel that you have found the best network marketing company in the world. You will be amazed at how excited you will be and how much money you will make. The quest for the ideal network marketing company or the best network marketing company in the world is not going to be easy but it will be worth it.

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