May 10

The Family Is At Risk Like Never Before


Our Economic problems that exist today are a direct result of the Liberal attack on the family unit.

Many are too young to remember the family unit in the '40s '50s and '60s. Years ago the family unit was an enjoyable place to live. Many family units were one-income units with 2-4 children a beautiful home and strong parents who knew what it was like to raise children. Parents who were back from the war and living a life that excited them. These parents were products of depression parents and they had a propensity to save along with being frugal and not living above their means.

Debt behavior all began with the advent of credit cards. Does anyone remember "Master Charge" and "Bank Americard"? Gas and Credit cards were the first step in causing people to run up credit and live beyond their means.  

We live in a country that is supposed to be free and nurture its citizens, not constantly take from them. The majority of our economic problems come from the simple fact that the Federal Government is always taking from us and asking for more. It's a one-way street with the Government always finding ways to extract money from us and not building us up.

With wages not rising, and taxes going up. we end up in the hole each year in January and end up chasing our wages throughout the year.  Add inflation into the mix and the family is struggling to exist. President Trump understood this and worked hard to get the family wages up and lower inflation. He worked to get our taxes down and voila, the family unit started to rise.

Ronald Regan warned us that the larger government got the more intrusive it becomes, and the family unit starts to suffer. He spoke of this in the 1980s! Today the Federal Government is so large that each different department is levying costs on us and control. As our Freedoms are attacked our family unit suffers and our pocketbooks are fleeced.


The only way to solve the eroding family is for a President to build the family up. Focus on higher wages for workers and lower out-of-pocket expenses. The family has to stand up and demand that their Government Representatives work harder to make their lives easier. The people need to decide who they want to follow, that will fulfill their promises and not say one thing and do another.

I have written before that the way to stop inflation in its tracks is to re-do what President Trump had in place. It's not hard but many the moronic economic advisers seem to go to war on inflation and make it worse. We know exactly what triggered it, so just go back and fix it. It's not too late! Economics is about people's emotions, and all the fancy theories and equations are not the answer. If people don't want to live and spend in a certain way they won't. If the people don't like what is going on they behave in a way that will send a signal to the government that they don't like the actions that are taken, and that what is going on better stop.

Politicians don't understand this so they bully the people. Well, now the people have had enough. They vote with their pocketbook and at the voting booth. What they don't like is for someone to steal an election. Most of the people in the United States, whether Republican or Democrat want it to be fair. When it's not fair more people get angry and rise up.

Did you ever see the movie Ants? The Ants are working hard in their family unit to store food for the winter and the Grasshoppers know this so each year they raid the Ants food supply until one day the Ants all decide that there are more Ants than Grasshoppers so they rise up and kick the Grasshoppers out. Before the Ants were slaves to the Grasshoppers and let them steal the food but when they realized that they really had the power then they took over. Remember, the French Revolution?

There are more upset people than people in control so look out people the Ants have woken up and are taking over!

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