January 9

Personal Economic Coach- Very much like Chiropractic!


Chiropractors are trained to use models before they treat a patient. Why? Models show a completed action before you actually physically do it. For example, when seeing a patients x-ray of the spine a Chiropractor can tell what’s wrong with the patient before treating them. So what is occurring is the Chiropractor is using a model to decide what treatment. (Disclaimer: I have a little bit of chiropractic knowledge so I am dangerous, but you get the idea.)

The same applies to bridge builders, architects, dentists, and now Personal Economic Coach. When ever large sums of money are at stake models are built. But for some reason it has not been used in finance. Financial Planners don’t use models therefore a client will never understand their true financial picture. This is why financial planning is not sustainable and will break down over time, leaving people worse off than before they met the planner. Financial planning leaves many unknown variables that are detrimental to clients.

Personal Economic Coach and The Leap System enable anyone to see their whole financial world on one page, then simulating the future showing whether the contemplated change or financial move is the right one or not. Personal Economic Coach is the only process that will show the client the inefficiencies before they make them. Most people are able to recover anywhere from 10-20% of their gross income to financial inefficiencies and recover them to growth making their financial future even brighter. Your financial world is eroding more than you know!

We have been working with Chiropractors for over 30 years simply because they understand models and the education is not as steep. There is a slight education curve to go through therefore we know that specific people are more open-minded than others.

At this point it’s important to let others know that there is a better way, that is more efficient and better understood. It removes the financial planners and financial institutions from control of your wealth and puts your back in control. So when tempted to listen to a financial planner you will understand the flaws in their logic.

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