May 29

Perpetual Fundraising


FundRaising Relief 

Fund Raising issues

FundRaising Relief is something that all Charities and Non-Profit need. Raising money becomes a tough business with many Charities and Non-Profits going back to the same people over and over again for funding. 

One of the newer ways to raise money is through perpetual fund raising. This enables the group raising the money to receive cash flow to pay their bills. With a perpetual cash flow, running the charity or non-profit becomes an easier task, and allows the group to focus on the core function that the group was established to do. 

What ends up happening is groups spend more time raising money then doing what they were founded to do. We all know that time is something that can't be recovered so enabling the group to raise funding, out into the future, with only the up front effort is highly desirable. 


Fund Raising Solution

One of the ways to create a perpetual fundraising system is to offer something that is highly desirable  with huge value. When the public perceives when they are giving a charity or non-profit money, and they are getting huge value for it, they will continue to give. When they give and get value in return, over and over again, then the public will continue to come back for more giving. 

Instead of just giving out of duty, they public gives for value. We have prepared a video that will explain how our FundRaising Platform works so you can see how the perpetual giving idea will enhance your Charity or Non-Profit's future. You can also access another video that has some brainstorming ideas on how to use the platform. 

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Dr. Raymond Jewell


PS: Dr. Raymond Jewell is a leading Economist specializing in the Small and Home Based Business Marketplace. He is a Alpha Founder with Markethive and manages several blogs on the hive. Dr. Jewell is a professional Network Marketer and represents several companies successfully. He can be reached through Markethive.


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