Learn the THREE KEY AREAS of Your Financial Life and How to FIX COSTLY INEFFICIENCIES and OPTIMIZE and PROTECT Your Practice and Personal World.



Macro Economic Modeling Exposes Micro Inefficiences

By systematically analyzing your financial world from top to bottom and left to right, everything is uncovered. You will be able to see the good, the bad, and the ugly. This revealing process empowers you to make vital adjustments, enhancing the financial health of your life (practice, personal, and family).

Mathematical Simulation Shows The Effects of Moves Before You Make Them

By simulating a potential financial move, you will see the benefits (or flaws) beforehand. With such insight, informed decisions can be made that provide the best opportunity for positive outcomes.

You Control The Process!

Unlike traditional financial planners, we aren't promoting the latest product to rack up commissions. We educate you on inefficiencies in your world and make model-based recommendations on steps you could take to improve your situation.

Macro Economic Modeling Exposes Micro Inefficiences

We do not charge for our services. Only products or services shown to benefit you through the simulated model are recommended. If you decide to follow through with a model-based recommendation, we are paid a commission by the third party.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Why are you called an economic coach instead of a financial planner?

Financial Planners focus on Growth only. We focus on Protection, Savings, and Growth. Considering that you are only as strong as your weakest link, these 3 areas have to work holistically together! We find that most new clients are lacking in defense and vulnerable to many factors that erode any gains they may be making.

❓ Why is a macroeconomic approach superior?

When you focus on Protection, Savings, and Growth you will never lose your acquired growth. When you look at everything from the big picture first you can identify the financial inefficiencies and eliminate potential losses.

❓ Shouldn't I just max out my 401k or IRA?

That's the financial planning way! And keep in mind, you have no control. When a circumstance arises that causes you to need money drastically, and it’s all locked up in one of these plans, what then? We have had many clients come to us with this unfortunate situation. They were forced to take money out early and endure harsh penalties, loss of growth, and/or take on unnecessary debt. Our economic model-based approach helps prevent such a situation from happening. Again, financial modeling allows us to be as objective as possible. If the model demonstrates that in your specific circumstances a 401k or IRA is the best move, we show you the calculations and you decide whether it’s right for you or not.

❓ Do you push a specific line of products?

No! We let the model demonstrate the best course of action and once you are fully informed, you make the decision. We have access to many products from many institutions but refuse to be influenced by commissions or perks designed to encourage what a financial planner tries to get you to buy. Only the financial model dictates which product or service will best help you accomplish your goals.

❓ Why do chiropractors prefer our approach?

We approach your financial world in the same way chiropractors view health. All parts must be analyzed and worked together in order to achieve optimum health and well being. If one component is dysfunctional, the entire system suffers. It’s no different with your financial health. We feel strongly that our time-tested holistic approach to your financial health is superior to what standard financial planners offer.

❓ How are you different from top advisors in the richest banks on Wall Street?

We take a holistic approach to finances which includes the 3 pillars of wealth: Protection, Savings, and Growth. Financial planners focus only on growth by selling products. We use an objective model to bring balance between the pillars. Financial planners do not operate objectively or model-out recommendations. They rely on opinion. We have found that our clients make the best use of their money, increase gains, and eliminate debt when each move is calculated through strategic modeling. Best of all, our clients can sleep better at night knowing their financial world is healthy, is performing optimally, their defense is strong, and vulnerabilities have been removed.

❓ How does the LEAP model objectively guide one's decisions and actions.

The LEAP model is a dynamic modeling system that analyzes all 3 regions of your wealth—protection, savings, and growth. It provides you with a global view and helps ensure there are minimal to no financial inefficiencies or vulnerabilities. It is the only model that places process over product and allows for optimized wealth creation able to resist market volatility.

❓ If LEAP is so good why don't all financial advisors use it?

Financial advisors/planners are similar to drug reps and are mostly taught to push products. Big Finance, like Big Pharma, invests heavily to control the narrative and ensure you consume as many products as possible—whether appropriate or not. By using the objective modeling system provided by LEAP, helping you reach your full potential becomes the focus and not the product being pushed.

❓ Is there an income requirement to become a client?

No! We do require a willingness to learn, an openness to change, and the ability to make a financial paradigm shift. With the right approach, a person of any income level can build upon his or her wealth.

❓ Being fully transparent, how is there really no cost for your service?

As stated before, only products or services shown to benefit you through the simulated model are recommended. If you decide to follow through with a recommendation, we are paid a commission by the third party.

❓ Does Personal Economic Coach require a contract of any other obligation?

We do not require a contract to receive our services.


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