January 6

New (40 Year Old) Financial Planning Modeling! Could be related to Chiropractic!

I was working with a Chiropractic client the other day and he said that every time he talks to a financial planner he feels like he is being sold something that he doesn’t understand.

This is typical of many clients that I work with. The financial planning industry is totally in bed with the financial institutions whose whole mission is to get your money at all costs without proper verification of whether it’s going to help or hurt the clients.

The only way to look at your financial world to understand where the inefficiencies are and how to fix them is through macroeconomic models. No matter what your income is, by looking at your whole financial picture in a macroeconomic model you are able to see your total financial picture all on one page and see the inefficiencies before you make them.

Models are used whenever large sums of money are at risk. For example, before bridges are started models are built, and the same when building structures models are built. Dentists use models! Chiropractors use models before treating patients, therefore why shouldn’t a model be built when looking at someone’s personal wealth?

Using a model lets you see the issue or problem before you do anything allowing for proper assessment before making any changes or decisions. Our target market is Chiropractors because of their understanding of using models in their practices, and they have already made the paradigm shift into macro thinking. Understanding the big picture allows the Chiropractor to understand the micro issues better.

So I told my client that our models would show him the financial flaws in his financial world and how to fix them efficiently. He would be able to see the problems in a financial simulator, projected out into the future, and determine whether the changes were right or not. He would be able to understand his financial world better by seeing everything first before he made any serious changes.

This answered his statement about not understanding the financial planners and whether they were doing or recomending the right product or not. I told him that the product should be secondary to the process and he should never make a major financial decision before understanding the bigger, macro, picture before he did anything financial.

We ended up building the model of his financial world, recovering lost wealth, and he never looked back.

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