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Network Marketing – Who Are You Listening Too?


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In Network Marketing who are you listening too? 

There is so much background noise in the network marketing industry it is hard to see and hear what is right and wrong . Everybody is an expert, and they also claim to know the secrets that enable others to earn millions of dollars per year. Many people are spending hard earned dollars to get the secrets of network marketing, by proclaimed experts, who have the inside track to wealth. No wonder people are confused! 

I am not an expert, but just another network marketer who loves the industry and has spent thousands of dollars to learn those secrets. What I have found out is there is no special secret. No matter what anyone says, there is no magic bullet that is going to take you from zero to sixty fast, it doesn't exist. 

What does exist is certain specific tasks that one has to follow to reach success. I am going to save you a ton of money here, and you will not have to pay for another course to become successful in Network Marketing. Granted this is not conclusive, but the steps are necessary. 

Successful Network Marketing Steps:

Step 1: Find a company that you can enjoy being associated with, and one that is easy to present to others. You have to have a passion for what you are talking about, otherwise the people you are presenting your program to will sense you really are only out for the money. Go with your gut when looking at companies, if it doesn't feel good, don't do it. 

Step 2: Don't throw-up information all over others. In other words please don't present your company to people unless you are in a specific meeting where everyone is mentally prepared to hear it. When everyone is expecting to hear what you are offering, then and only then should you present your company or product. There has to be a meeting of the minds before any presentation will be effective. Never try to give anyone a presentation in the wrong setting. 

Step: Make sure that you have become an expert in your company or product and you have a smooth presentation. Use your up-line, as much as you can, to learn how to present your product or service. Always bring your up-line in to your calls, whether on the  phone or in person, for at least 90 days until you feel so comfortable you can do it yourself. Most seasoned network marketers will do this till they feel comfortable. 

Step 4: Join a company that has an achievable compensation plan where you can make money relative to your efforts. So many times the comp plan is designed to drive revenue to the company and pay the distributor a mer pittance. A lot of companies comp plans require you to have a ton of customers in order to make money and until you get to that point your income is not relative to your efforts. 

Any compensation plan should give you rewards up front so you can see the return on your investment quickly. Make sure the up front income is not from signing up distributors but for quick start efforts. 

Step 5: Join a company that places emphasis on CUSTOMERS and not distributors. The Federal Government is on a witch hunt and is looking for companies that have more distributors than customers. They have some kind of ratio, I am told its somewhere between 65% to 70% of customers vs distributors. This does not include affiliate programs like, buying clubs and programs where representation as an affiliate is optional. 

Affiliate programs are just what they say they are, customers can use the product, and enjoy the benefits, without representing the companies. If the want to create an income stream they can join an affiliate program, and create a revenue stream, as they introduce others to the program. They are rewarded for the referral.

Step 6: Create a plan and a goal! Give your new business at least 36 months before you bail. Set reasonable goals that you can achieve and work toward them with blinders on. Don't be swayed by the glitz and glitter of other deals and companies. There are a ton out there, and they are ruthless in trying to get your attention. When you are on the internet looking for information about a company that's when you'll realize that there are thousands of them, and thats when they get you. 

Put your plan together and make a list of who you will contact. Remember, Step 1 that talked about finding a company that you can easily talk about, and present to your friends and family, without fear of embarrassment. Represent a company that provides a product or service that everyone can use and wants. They are out there, all you have to do is find them. 

Make your list and put together a presentation, or use the companies presentation, and go to work. Don't be a salesperson, just present and let others buy. 

Step 7: Follow-up! The fortune is in the follow up. If someone says NO, that doesn't mean never. There is a book, "Go For NO", that is an excellent book, on how to deal with NO's. This little book can make your life stress free in building your business. 

In conclusion: 

This business is simple all you have to do is work. Novel idea! If you do what is required and follow the above steps you will make a lot of money. If you don't, well no one can help you no matter how much money you spend for books, and courses. It becomes a waste of money. 

This list is not a conclusive list but is a good start. Just sit down and make it happen, you can do it. You have the innate skills to create wealth all you have to do is create your plan on who to talk to and go talk to them. That's really the hard part, the rest is easy. 

Thanks for reading,
Dr. Raymond Jewell

Dr. Raymond Jewell is a leading Economist and Home Based Business Consultant. He has been consulting with home based business owners for over 35 years. Dr. Jewell is also an Alpha Founder with Markethive and manages several blogs on the hive. 








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