December 27

Network Marketing Opportunities


I have seen many Network Marketing Opportunities not teaching their distributors how to approach anyone and get a favorable response. When I type into the google search bar the term, Network Marketing Opportunities, is see tons of companies but when I visit the sites I see they are skilled at teaching their distributors how to present to a willing participant but rarely how to approach a person who is virtually a stranger, and then get them to ask for more information.

I wrote an article on my Business Mentor Systems Blog talking about why people are affraid to talk to strangers, and get them to listen to what they are offering. Most people were told at an early age “Never to talk to strangers” so being the good children they are, they don’t. Even as adults they still don’t!

Some people have learned how to meet a peson, who they didn’t know until they met them, at a function and begin through special skills to talk to them and then have the stranger turn around and ask for more information. If anyone specifically asks you for more information are you going to be reserved and not tell them? No, you are going to give them what they want.

How easy would it be if people were always asking you for more information. Would your Network Marketing Business really thrive? Of Course It Would!

There are specific easy to learn skills that will give you an easy path to getting people to ask for more information, which we teach in our mentoring practice at no charge. All you have to do is click on the Mentoring link at the top of the page then go to the contact us page and follow the steps. Or Click Here and send me an email with your contact info on it and someone from my office will be in touch with you to set up a meeting with me. Please put in the subject line: Mentoring, so we will know what the email is for.

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