July 22

Are You In, MLM, Network Marketing, or Direct Selling?


What's Your Business

Many people in the Network Marketing Business run from the title that defines the industry.

Some call it MLM, some call it Network Marketing, some call it Direct Selling, and many refer to it as a home based business.

I watched a video the other morning that takes these titles to task. Eric Worre put together a great video that addresses these titles, and which one defines us the best.

Many people in our industry have trouble deciding what business they are in, and therefore have trouble explaining it to others. It’s the old saying, “if you don’t know, then others won’t know” what your business is.

There are three descriptions that tend to confuse many, they are MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Selling and the question arises which is it? Eric, address these in the video below, please watch!

I agree with Eric that we are Network Marketing Pro’s and that this industry is one that has great potential, but I also believe that many in our industry are not sure of their definition as to what they really are, which in my opinion limits success.

Deciding whether it’s mlm or network marketing, or direct selling is important in explaining it to others, so they can understand what you do.

Eric goes into all this in a very interesting way and ends with a conclusion as to what we should call ourselves. Once we define ourselves, we are on a better footing to build our business. We have to understand what business we are really in before we can build it properly.

This goes back to planning before joining. I went through the same changes not understanding how to define myself, and until I came to the realization that I was a Network Marketing Pro, I was unable to communicate my business to others clearly. I was unable to put together a definite plan because I didn’t understand what the business was. Once I discovered what the business model was, I was then able to build a plan.

If you define who you are, you will eliminate any failure that might happen by joining the wrong company. I have listened to many a top producer who have boasted about being in 10-12 companies before finding the right one. How expensive is that with time, energy, and money, being spent? If they planned before they joined they might not have suffered lost time. Defining what  industry you are in at the beginning, is a great start.

Watch Eric’s Video and then ask yourself the question, What Business am I In?

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