January 13

Look What Happened To Your Freedom of Speach!


A Food For Thought Series

Our Freedoms are unique to our Constitution and all us to be the freest Country in the World today. When our Freedoms are taken away we’re hurt physically and financially. If a particular group of people try to take away your Freedom of Speach and can tell you what you can and can not say then you are being restricted as to what topics you can talk about.

If the massive social media platforms tell you that you can not use their platforms then you are restricted about any free thought that you want to share with others.

Let’s take a deep dive into what has happened in the last few days to inhibit your freedom of Speach. Over 75,000,000 voters told the world that they wanted President Donald Trump to represent them for another 4 years. The social media decided that they didn’t want the people to win and so they decided to change the vote. This is another topic for another day but the fact remains that your vote was taken away.

Now, the social media platforms, twitter, facebook, and google, Shopify, apple, just to name a few have decided that they don’t like President Trump and the people who voted for him so they have decided that they want to take you and me down and limit our exposure to people you want to communicate with.

As I write this Shopify took down anyone’s site that offered conservative products. Apple told Parler (the new alternative to twitter) that they must clean up their information of they would take their App Store rights away.

So with the social media platform restricting the Speach of others then you will be told what and who you can say things to. This will spill over to your Financial Freedoms just as people making money using social platforms are being restricted in use. If you are a conservative, and have made it known, you may have or will be shut down. How about the Shopify folks who can’t sell their products. How about if you get shut down because you may know someone who is shut down, they you will also.

Social media restricting conservatives, follow this link. https://populist.press/big-tech-launches-massive-attack-against-millions-of-conservatives-free-speech-in-peril/

The huge media platform think they are running the show, and maybe they are currently but people will figure a way around it. But, they are forcing conservatives to be paranoid about others. This is a totalitarian activity and is invasive to our Freedoms. Freedom of Speach-Financial Freedom, are at risk and have and will put your business at risk.

Here is an article that will give you insight into what went on https://dailytorch.com/2021/01/the-purge-has-begun-cancel-culture-is-going-to-be-worse-than-ever-as-the-social-tyranny-rises/

How do you fix it?

Make sure that you ween yourself off the invasive platforms and move to the ones that don’t stifle your free Speach. So far Parler, MeWe, Rumbler, and others are making their way into the marketplace and offer non interference with clients and their customers.

Make sure you have a macro economic model in place that will show the financial inefficiencies and allow you to move to protect them. Find a good web company and get space on it. For example Godaddy recently bounced a site for no reason.

By following the recommendations of the financial advisors you will put yourself at risk since they operate from the 4 basic rules of the financial institutions.

• They must get your money
• They must get it on a systematic and on going basis
• They must hold on to it as long as possible
• They must give it back as little as possible

If the financial institutions and their representatives violate these rules they are out of business, so it makes sense they will tell you what they want you to hear to get and keep your money. With a macro economic model you can see the results before they happen and decide whats right and whats not right, to do.

So, no longer do you have to rely on what others say, you have the powering your hands and can prove where flaws are and fix them. Again, no longer do you have to listen to people who have a hidden agenda financially or a hidden agenda to attack your freedoms.

Also tune into FinancialFreedomRadio.com and learn how to protect yourself.

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