April 11

Are You Listening To The Right People?


Who Are You Listening to?Are you listening to the right people when you are trying to build your business?

Are you learning from people who have created huge amounts of wealth? Many times experts will put themselves out as tops in their field when they only had a modicum of success. Many mediocre experts learned early on that they could do better teaching others how to create wealth than actually doing it long term themselves.

The home based/ Network Marketing industry is filled with many who find it easier to sell their services to others than build a network of people in a team. How is this so? Why does it happen?

Entrepreneurs are hungry for help in building a strong home based/network marketing business and are willing to take a risk and learn from others. The Entrepreneur is a sponge and tries to acquire information and skills from where ever they can. Most entrepreneurs are very trusting people and hope that when they are told that they will learn how to build their business from the person selling the information, they are hopeful that will happen.

How To Find Out If The Expert Is Really an Expert…

  • Ask the person to give you their CV [Curriculum Vitae].
  • Find out what industry they were in and if they were in Network Marketing what company they represented. Check them out!
  • Have they written any books and how well received are they.
  • How much money have they made over their career?

Lets talk about each bullet point; the CV will let you know their accomplishments and how practical they are to your learning process. Many times people have general information and what you are looking for is how specialized they are with what they know. For example, I have a Doctorate in Economics and have run a home based business for over 35 years, so that in itself will be a good indicator that I have the financial and business skills to teach others what I actually did in my life.

The middle two are indicators as to whether the expert is accomplished in their field. Many experts are well published and well known so reading their books can give you great information. Eric Wore, Richard Brooke, Jordan Adler, Tommy Wyatt, Tom Prendergast are a few accomplished in network marketing and are all friends of mine so I know first hand they are capable experts, and there are others who are equally as good.

Income is important because unless someone has made a lot of money they are not able to teach you how to do it. We do things based on feelings and emotion, therefore when a expert has made more than you, they can understand how to do it over and over again. Without the knowledge of feelings and emotions they can’t teach how to do it. For example, I have made millions over my career and understand how to do it again and again in my field. I could not tell you how to do it in the medical industry, but in my industry I am an expert.

In conclusion when you are looking for an expert you must do your “Due Diligence” and make sure before you dedicate time and money you know you are on the right path. If you don’t you are wasting money and time, which is unrecoverable.

Thanks for reading,
Dr. Raymond Jewell


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