January 9

Is Your Financial Freedom At Risk?


A food for thought series!

Our radio show is called Financial Freedom Radio, which we have been doing since 2007. We have covered an array of topics but the one that hits close to home is what is happening to our country based on a fraudulent election. This election covers many topics and I personally think Financial Freedom is a huge part of the outcome of this election fraud.

If we allow anyone other than the citizens of the United States of America to take control of our elections we are in trouble. This trouble extends to all your freedoms, which extends to your financial freedom.

Since money is the main exchange for goods and services in our country and for that fact the world, you want to be in full control of it. When others are able to tell you what you can do, and how you are able to act, then you are in serious trouble. Your freedoms are at stake!

You want your money to be spent as prudent as possible, but currently its spent at the whim of the politicians, without you in mind. You pay taxes and your money is spent for foolish things and the money they crave keeps going up and you foot the bill. In other words, they spend our money and keep coming back for more. We have no control!

How do we gain control? We vote the squanders out of office and vote the pragmatist in. This is an impossibility when a group of people, with a specific agenda, can take the election away from another group. The people must decide and not the special interest groups.

As a citizen I must vote for the person who will protect my money and keep my spending power up without spending my money in places that are totally against the American People’s wishes. Such as financial aid to countries who hate us.

For example when President Trump came into office gasoline was over $3 per gallon in most States now its under $3 per gallon. This is giving the public a huge savings with the savings going back in the pockets of the consumers. Taxes are down so consumers are able to have more spending power. By asking the question “Are you better off financially now, then you were 4 years ago” the answer should be a astounding YES!

Our Freedoms are total and individual to all of us and should never be taken for granted. When we take them for granted we lose them and become slaves to our leaders. We have to speak up and take our Country back. If we don’t we will lose more and more of them.

We have 5 Freedoms, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speach and The Right to Keep and Bear Arms. These Freedoms are constantly under threat and we as Citizens of America need to fight to protect them. Financial Freedom is hinged to the main 5 and without it our lives are subordinated to the so called ruling class who seek to take our wealth through the compromising of our 5 Freedoms. These Freedoms have allow us to be the freest Country in the World.

If you have a President of this fabulous Country that is not leading based on your agenda then your freedoms are at risk. It is a known fact that this last election was stolen from the public and as of this writing if the current President is not reinstalled in office our Freedoms are at risk, therefore we want to make sure that we fight for our Freedoms because all Freedoms translate to Financial Freedoms.

We are at a turning point in our history where the politicians that are only out for their personal agenda, trying to make us think they care about us, are exposed and gotten rid of. They are fighting tooth and nail to maintain control but the majority are “saying we have had enough”. This is why they have resorted to stealing this election. All this said we have to get rid of the fraudsters and make sure they are removed from any political exposure.

What can you do? No matter what your political party or affiliation you need to make sure that no one, I mean no one, takes our freedoms away. The loss of only one freedom will cost us our financial freedom.

Financial Freedom Radio will fight to make sure that our freedoms are in tack and anyone who try’s to steal our Freedoms will be the subject of our writings and broadcast.

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