October 5

How To End Inflation!


The way out is Energy Independence which includes all fossil fuels. All these so-called expert economists are agonizing about how to curb inflation, the only solution is energy independence, which includes oil and natural gas.

Just think about it, pretty much everything in our economy is affected by the high cost of oil and gas. It has also rippled throughout the world and affects global economies in negative ways as well. As we are seeing other Countries’ economies go into a tailspin along with ours in the United States many wonder what they can do about it.

Simply put when our gas and diesel prices are lower people have more money to spend and that saving is translated into growth at the grassroots. Oil independence is when we purchase our products internally and keep the money within our borders. When we buy from others the money leaves our Country, instead, oil independence is saving the money that we spend on oil and gas within our borders.

The United States has been chasing its tail for decades about not wanting to use our energy and buying it from other countries.  When we send money out of our Country and insert it into other countries the United States is left with a deficit within our economy.

Simply put, when dollars go to another country it gets redeemed by that other country, and the paper dollars from our currency get paid to the other country we lose it from, and it goes into the other country’s bank.

So let’s look at what happens when we lose the spending power from that sale. We now have less money in circulation so we either have to suck it up or we print more money.  Other businesses that are affected by the price of oil have to raise their prices thus a vicious cycle is created.

When you look at how many industries oil affects it’s massive and when we are always focused on oil dependence we will always have inflation. We sell to other countries and we buy from ourselves. When we focus on energy independence we become the seller and buyer of oil. When we buy and sell we end up becoming a profit center, and other industries are not left in an economic crunch because the sale of oil and gas now becomes competitive.

So to end inflation is simple and all of these so-called profound thinking economists have gotten it so wrong all these years.

Since energy runs our economy and all industries surrounding it, we need to make sure that we have no obstacles left in the way. The inefficiencies that are present currently, place financial barriers that are costly.

When we are energy independent as a country, we are highly efficient and thriving as well as collateral energy-related industries. When energy is under control and prices are compatible with what the population is happy paying then all related industries are compatible with each other.

Just look at other countries that are living off the United States pocketbook. Bringing that money back home gives us more spending power and more political power as a Nation.

Many think that the word MAGA means something subversive but it means America First. It doesn’t matter what political party you are identified with, if you are focused on America First you will vote that way and it won’t matter whether you are Democrat or Republican, you are MAGA (America First).

Just to clear the air, MAGA is only America First, not anything else. Other Countries are starting to practice Their Country First programs which seem to be catching on. Just look at Italy and its most recent election. So either you are MAGA or not, regardless of party affiliation.

For this discussion, we are looking for solutions to curb inflation and put us back on a wealth-building path. Energy Independence is the answer and solution to a path toward individual wealth and United prosperity.

Just look at how wealthy other countries have gotten that we do business with, reverse engineer what they have been doing. If we keep the wealth inside our borders the population becomes wealthier and thrives.

In conclusion, our politicians take an oath to make our lives better not worse. If they took that oath seriously we would have an efficient government and a population that is thriving with happy people. America First gets rid of inflation. 

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