May 23

High Gas Prices! Will the economy allow it?


Everyone is freaking out and predicting that gas will go to $10 per gallon, how do they know?

This is just another way to get people to read the articles, what’s it called, “Clickbait”? The media is also predicting gas lines and shortages, which is bullshit! We are the wealthiest oil resource in the world and saying that kind of nonsense is harmful to the emotions of the people.

Let’s look at this more closely, President Trump opened oil and gas exploration and we saw the prices plummet. He started selling oil and gas on the open market and our economy took off.

When we only rely on buying oil from other countries we are subject to their pricing and whether they will lower their price or not. We end up begging for better prices, but if we control the price we can dictate the price to them. We take money out of our economy and send it to other countries, we then remove it from our circulation where the people don’t benefit from it.

When we keep the money from the sale of oil to other countries we have more money for ourselves. The more we sell the more the United States benefits. When we control the price of oil, we benefit! The velocity of money increases and we get a multiplier effect on our nation’s wealth.

There is an election in November 2022 and hopefully, the GOP will take control of both houses and stop this nonsense. when we take control of the oil prices and control our own destiny, we will see lower gas prices.

Many of the media want to pretend that the situation is always going to exist begging for lower price oil and under that scenario who knows, but that is not always the case. President Trump proved that we can control our gas destiny very easily contrary to the so-called brilliant economist. Gloom and doom don’t have to exist, we can turn it around very quickly.

I submit to you that the people of this country will not allow the gas prices to go much higher and you will see the prices start to drop. Depending on whether Congress gets a veto-proof majority will determine what the results will be. Either way with conservatives in Congress the only way the moron in the White House can do anything is through executive order and that can get tied up in court for years.

Hopefully, people will vote to get rid of Biden and get someone sane in office. I always like the saying from Forest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does” which fits Biden to a “T”. Apparently many people either Democrats or Republicans both have had enough, the liberal wing is truly a minority with people in both parties planning of getting rid of these nuts.

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