September 2

Getting Good Referrals


Trying to build a business without referrals can be difficult and expensive. Building a business from scratch requires many long hours and talking to lots of people. Many new business owners feel that they have to extensively advertise and spend huge sums of money to promote their business to get the desired results. Trying to build a business using what I call “Spend for results” can many times cause the business to run out of cash and colapse.

Right from the start it is imperative that you focus on referrals and how to develope systems that will drive people to you and have them promote your business. A referral is the ultimate compliment! Having others promote your business for you is the easiest and least costly way to build a lasting business.

Getting good referrals is key to building a solid business that creates hundreds of people all talking about your business. Now how do you do this? When you begin to appreciate your client of customer for who they are and not treat them as a dollar sign you will begin to build a good referral.

Appreciation Marketing is practiced when you acknowledge your friend, client, or future client for who they are and not pushing a call to action. It is counter intutive to send a letter of card to anyone without having a call to action in it. We are taught that when we send anything to people and we have spent money to sent it we must have some offer. Well, people don’t like that! They know who you are if they have done business with you before so it’s not necessary to give them a pitch.

Havings systems in place that enables you to send information to your customers, clients or future clients will enable you to turn every one of your existing customers into referral sources and marketing people.

One of the most effective ways to get peoples attention is to send them a card of a gift. It gets peoples attention and works every time. But it can be expensive unless you use a system that is designed to get referrals. Click here and you will be directed to a system that you can use for free all you have to pay for is the usage. Also Click here and see how it works and send a free greeting card.

You will want to use a system that will give you a contact manager to inform you when you need to contact your referrals whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or any other special date. It cost a lot to get a customer and if you don’t nurture them they wil go away. Turning them into referrars is vital in building a strong business without spending tons of money.

Thanks for reading,
Dr. Raymond Jewell

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