May 6

Disinformation Expert-Office of Environmental Justice-Bullshit or Real?


Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appointed head of the Disinformation Governance Board, Nina Jankowicz is supposed to police disinformation? What does that mean?

It means that the Federal Government will try to control everything. With the government trying to control the way we speak, and the enviornment we live in with the Office of Enviornmental Justice (OEJ) they are treading on our Freedoms even more. It means that what we speak and where we speak it is up for grabs.

As I am writing this about Disinformation the Justice Department has just created the OEJ, whats next? These new departments will have a negative effect on "We the People". Here's how!

I will attempt to determine what this new position means and how we will interact with this powerful board. I happen to believe that a board that is policing disinformation is Government control inserting themselves into our lives, home, and family. This is a move that is very much rooted in dramatic socialism and when a government body decides that they are going to police what they determine to be the right thing I can say or do.

I guess this is an attack on our Freedoms. Freedom of speach for one! A back door attempt to control what is said. So who decides what is the right thing to say or not? Also how does one man- Sec Mayorkas- decide what freedoms I can have or not. Now as I write this the OEJ has been created to police the enviornment. With these two police state departments the government can tell us wnat to say and where to say it.

This is overreach in a massive way, enableing the government to control our Freedoms. Just observe, we are getting close to a controlling state even more. I don't know if this is deliberate or by accident but when anyone focus on an item it usually happens. People achieve what they focus on and if the people who are running the government is more socialist than democratic they have a tendency to achieve what they focus on. Whether intensional or not, people will achieve where their interest lie.

With these actions we are moving more and more toward a police state and the leaders are trampling on our freedoms. This needs to stop and we the people need to speak up. I am an Army Veteran of 58 years and am sick of what I am seeing in my later years. Let's not let these traitors lead us down this negative path. Everyone needs to vote, and vote these assholes out of office. We are at a threashold in our Democracy and we need to hang on to it.

Let's take back our Country!

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