November 12

If This Isn’t A Case For Term Limits, I Don’t Know What Is!


A Food For Thought Series!

As I get older I am realizing why term limits is necessary. I am 76 years old and know 1st hand that people decline in mental ability over time. I am still functioning but my capability is not what it used to be. After researching on the internet I found relatively few articles of term limits for Congress and came to the conclusion that only a few people are recognizing this issue. But why would they, people won’t vote to put themselves out of office.

You probably already know this information, but no less it will blow you mind. When you begin to learn how massive this problem is and how pervasive it is in our Government, you will begin to understand why people in Congress act the way they do.

Let’s dig into the meat of the problem. On the House of Representatives side of Congress the average age of its members is 57 years old. On the Senate side of Congress the average age is 61. ( ) “There are 44 congressional districts in which the age of the representative is more than double the median age of his or her constituents.” “On the Senate side, 18 of the 33 senators running for re-election in 2018 will be 65 or older. Several of them — Diane Feinstein 87, Patrick Leahy 80 and Chuck Grassley 87, — will be well into their 80s by the time they spend another six years in office.”

Thirteen members are over 80 years old, and 2 will be 90 when their terms end. Forty eight Senators are over 65 years of age and 147 Representatives are over age 65. Many corporations have mandatory retirement age ranging from 62 to 65. There are several reasons why these corporations take this action, which is a whole other discussion but for our article we will assume that they are worried about productivity and when an individual reaches the age 65 range they are getting less productive.

According to AARP, both men and women in their 50’s start to slip in their ability to stand on one leg and rise from a chair and the declines continue into the next decades. Declines in walking speed and aerobic endurance became evident in the 60’2 and 70’s. More physical activity was associated with less physical decline, especially in ages 60 to 79.

You can dig through the internet and find tons of articles that talk about the decline of individuals and how over time people are losing mental and physical abilities. We see it will President Biden who is declining both physically and mentally. This is what sparked this article, seeing Joe Biden slipping as the years go by, and refusing to acknowledge it. This is elder abuse in its purest form. This issue is not just limited to Joe Biden but members of Congress are exhibiting the same characteristics.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, is in her 80’s and is exhibiting mental issues through her anger, and unwilling to be working in the behalf of the people. She is so angry at President Trump that she is willing to make him pay at any expense. She is exhibiting all signs of psychosis that exhibits mental illness. I don’t know if she is a drinker but couple her actions with alcohol intake and you have a recipe for disaster.

The Speaker is exhibiting the very actions she is blaming others for. She is talking of violence and anarchy through her impeachment vendetta which is exactly what she is doing. She is blaming President Trump for exactly what she is impeaching him for. She is transferring her guilt on to others. Many are not aware or willing to acknowledge whether she is mentally sound. Has she ever been tested? If she is unstable and people are covering it up then they are guilty of breaking the law in some sort. You can see these issues first hand by the medication they take.

I managed to find an article where someone interviewed the owner of Grubb’s Pharmacy where the owner talked about the Alzheimers medication he has delivered to Congress. “If pharmacists are shipping Alzheimer’s medication to Capitol Hill, then some number of congressmen are medically unqualified to hold office. We don’t know which ones or how many. They could be back-benchers or they could be sitting at the upper tiers of leadership, making decisions of global significance. Since one’s rank in Congress is based mostly on seniority, the oldest members have the most power. Terrifying.”

This group in Congress will not police themselves but should be a focal point by the public. They are doing much harm to our Nation, many times not even knowing it. We are seeing much anger about one party against the other, along with hate and vitriol.

There is much more information on the internet about the psychological impact of age and mental acuity. You won’t find much information about term limits as it relates to incompetency unless you back door

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