January 3

Chiropractic Modeling Is Similar!

Chiropractors rely on models to give them insight into what is going on in the patient’s body. Unlike other medical professions, other than dentists, who don’t use models. Models are critical to understanding the whole body; without them, it’s only guesswork.

Being able to see the whole, the macro gives insight into the micro. So it makes sense to have a Chiropractor look at the patient’s life in a macroeconomic model, x-ray, and see what the problems are before they go to work and fix them. What may appear obvious in micro may not be the correct answer.

So when I first met my Chiropractor I was stunned to learn that they were using models of the spine and seeing firsthand where the problems were and how to fix them. It made so much sense to see the problems before you fix them otherwise it’s again, just guesswork. This is what I have been doing in my economic practice. In macroeconomics, you must see the big picture before you understand the little pieces.

I told my Chiropractor that we use models in my economic practice and are able to see financial losses before they happen. We go further by simulating the future and showing what will happen in the future to their financial world. Uncovering financial losses and correcting them is essential in putting together a proper financial plan.

He said let’s see if it works so we went to work and built the model as it related to his financial world it showed all the many inefficiencies that were in his life and then we proceeded to fix them. He said his financial planner never addressed these things to him, he felt the planner was only interested in selling him products.

For the last 40 years, the LEAP System has been used by many people to better understand their financial picture, unlike the methods used by financial planners the LEAP system is a macroeconomic simulation of what is happening or going to happen in people’s economic life before it happens to allow the client to fix them.

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