What Accountants Don’t Know!

I was recently speaking with a client who was telling me that their accountant was questioning some of the financial strategies they were doing and they didn’t know how to answer him. The client knew he was doing the right thing but was not sure because he felt he was being questioned by a professional, and they were supposedly knowledgeable about financial matters.

This is a classic case of a person who has an accounting background deciding to become an expert in financial planning and wealth building. When they leave their area of expertise they become incompetent about financial decisions. Many accountants are micro thinkers who love to get people who are uneducated in the financial world to do things that are not logical. Accountants are great in doing what they do best and that is accounting, but when they step out of their area of expertise they can hurt people financially.

In this case he wanted my client to give up putting money in an area that has no losses and no risk, to put it into a 401k program that was driven by the financial markets. The purpose was so he could look good in front of my client when he did his taxes. He could create a temporary tax reduction through the 401k that would cause my clients taxes to go down in the current year. But, my client would pay income tax on the distributions when he took it out later in life, not knowing what the tax liability would be in the future. He also was putting my client at risk of losing money if the economy did another downward cycle.

Most people who put their money in markets end up losing in the long run. I have been working with clients for 35 years and have seen most people get nice gains, but also huge losses that offset the gains. Many people who recently went through the economic downturn lost major amounts of money, never to recover their loss. Putting your money at risk is not necessary if you don’t have to, but the financial people seem to think that using financial markets is the only way to build wealth.

There are many ways that a person can build wealth and do it risk free but they have to look at their financial picture from a macro grid, and not a micro plan. Most end up listening to someone give them financial advice which ends up being someones opinion, which cost many people large losses. In all cases the financial person who recommended the particular strategy loses nothing. Not Fair!

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Dr. Raymond Jewell

Is Achieving Financial Freedom A Real Goal?

Many people want to achieve financial freedom but don’t know how to do it. They read books, talk to professionals, get financial planning advice from financial planners, but never seem to make it happen.

The statistics are staggering when you look at who is retiring with what over the next 20 years. Why is this goal so illusive? What are people missing?

One of the major road blocks that keep people from achieving financial freedom is the misinformation that surrounds the question. Everyone has an opinion about how to do it and shares their information, or philosophy, on how to become financially free but most of the time its flawed.

One of the major flaws is that when anyone listens to a person who is a representative from the financial world they already have a hidden agenda, which is to get the peoples money and make a commission. Even if a financial person says they only charge a fee the fact is they will put the clients into a financial product and someone is getting a commission. Fee based advice is done because the planner wants to say they have no specific tie to anyone one financial institution, but truth be known, they are going to recommend that you use some financial institution otherwise they would not be in business.

The financial institutions must get your money and invest it, to be in business, so the financial person will direct you to some form of financial product. This is where the rub begins! When you use a financial product you put your money at risk and allow the financial institution to make money on it. They in turn will pay you a small amount of money for the use of your money. This is called Economic Rent. “Whats the cheapest I can pay you for the use of your money”.

When markets go down the consumer bears all the risks since the financial institution is passing it all to the consumer. So lets recap, the consumer gets paid a little when money is made and the financial institution makes the lion share of the money, but when the markets go down the consumer bears all the downside risk. It hardly seems fair does it?

So listening to financial people might not be a great idea unless you know how to play by the rules of the financial institutions.

To learn how to think like a financial institution all you have to do is tune in to www.FinancialFreedomRadio.info and listen to the current shows. Each show addresses how to win using the financial institutions.

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Free Greeting Cards, For Real!

Are you sick and tired of paying the high cost of greeting cards that you get at the stores?

Most people are not happy with spending a lot of money for greeting cards along with the cost of gas when driving to the store to purchase them. Then the cost of taking the card home signing and addressing the envelope,  then back out again to take it to the post office and mail it. This whole process can take a huge chunk of time and money, let alone that just thinking about it can be fatiguing.

Most people would like to send more cards per year but the high cost keeps them from doing it. Many people are searching for alternatives to the high cost of greeting cards by sending e-cards, but they also realize that they are very impersonal, and a lot of times not read. People don’t like them, but they do it because they have no other choice. Most folks would like an alternative to the high cost,  since in our current economy money is tight, but don’t know where to look.

This is why I am offering  50 free greeting cards to send to anyone, anywhere in the world. There is are no strings attached, just free greeting cards to send out. All you have to do is click here to sign up, then you will be guided through the steps of how to access them.

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Getting Good Referrals

Trying to build a business without referrals can be difficult and expensive. Building a business from scratch requires many long hours and talking to lots of people. Many new business owners feel that they have to extensively advertise and spend huge sums of money to promote their business to get the desired results. Trying to build a business using what I call “Spend for results” can many times cause the business to run out of cash and colapse.

Right from the start it is imperative that you focus on referrals and how to develope systems that will drive people to you and have them promote your business. A referral is the ultimate compliment! Having others promote your business for you is the easiest and least costly way to build a lasting business.

Getting good referrals is key to building a solid business that creates hundreds of people all talking about your business. Now how do you do this? When you begin to appreciate your client of customer for who they are and not treat them as a dollar sign you will begin to build a good referral.

Appreciation Marketing is practiced when you acknowledge your friend, client, or future client for who they are and not pushing a call to action. It is counter intutive to send a letter of card to anyone without having a call to action in it. We are taught that when we send anything to people and we have spent money to sent it we must have some offer. Well, people don’t like that! They know who you are if they have done business with you before so it’s not necessary to give them a pitch.

Havings systems in place that enables you to send information to your customers, clients or future clients will enable you to turn every one of your existing customers into referral sources and marketing people.

One of the most effective ways to get peoples attention is to send them a card of a gift. It gets peoples attention and works every time. But it can be expensive unless you use a system that is designed to get referrals. Click here and you will be directed to a system that you can use for free all you have to pay for is the usage. Also Click here and see how it works and send a free greeting card.

You will want to use a system that will give you a contact manager to inform you when you need to contact your referrals whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or any other special date. It cost a lot to get a customer and if you don’t nurture them they wil go away. Turning them into referrars is vital in building a strong business without spending tons of money.

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Dr. Raymond Jewell

Mentoring for Free

Some people think that mentoring for free has no value. I disagree! We mentor all our clients and team for free with huge success.

You have to ask yourself what kind of mentoring am I getting? Am I getting the old run of the mill mentoring or am I getting what is needed to run a successful Network Marketing Business?

One of the most important parts of mentoring in network marketing is giving people the skills needed to speak to others and get others to say, yes. You can have the most glossy professional material but if the person you are trying to show it to is not willing to listen then you will not succeed.

The skill that is needed is to learn how to talk to anyone and have them ask for more information. Have them want to learn about what you are offering. Skill is the key!

I can walk into a room and start listening to people talk and end up with people who want to learn more about my company.

It’s not hard! Network Marketing Companies don’t teach this skill, they teach you to find willing people to listen. Well, those people are few and far between.

They use an old out dated system , which is following the 80/20 Rule in a bizzar way. Where out of 100 people, 80 people will do nothing and 20 will listen. Then out of the 20 who are listening the closing ratio gets even less.

I submit that it is silly to walk by the 80 to get to the 20, lets talk to the 80 and then work with 60. How is this done you might be asking? Through skills that we teach our team. The 80 out of 100 people will ask for information then 60 plus people will be candidates for joining your business. If you have 64 people who have heard about your offer and want to go further, how many will you get to join your Network Marketing Business?

To learn more go to www.BusinessMentorSystems.com and fill out the contact us page then someone from my office will call you and set up a time for us to speak over the phone. Also to the right of this article is a place to sign up for our newsletter. Please do!

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Dr. Raymond Jewell

How do I find a good business mentor?

Getting people to ask for more information is a skill that has to be learned. Many times successful Network Marketers learn the skill over time but they are not realizing that they are learning it. Getting a stranger to ask for more information is an aquired skill that takes years to achieve unless it is specifically taught.

I went to a party the other night and was listening to a person complain about not having enough money. By using the skill that allows me to talk to strangers I was able to have that person ask me for more information. They asked me, instead of me pushing something on them.

Now truth be known, I had to decide at that time if I really wanted to do it or not. After making the decission that I wanted to help them I decided to use the skill. What a wonderful world! How many people would have vommited information all over that person and backed them in a corner and gotten no where.

Why don’t people talk to strangers? It’s a carry over from what your parents told you when you were a child, “Don’t talk to strangers”! You are a good child! You don’t talk to strangers to this day and if you do it is never about business.

The TV show “Cheers” is all about going where you are known. “Where everyone knows your name” is how the lyrics of the song goes. No one in Cheers is a stranger, everyone know your name. Thats why people join clubs and build relationships. There is nothing wrong with building relationships but once the relationship is built will you talk about your Network Marketing business? Probably not!

Using specific skills you will be equipt to speak to strangers or friends and get them in all cases to ask for more information. Once someone asks for more information are you able to present your program?

There is a whole set of reasons why people shut down sales pitches but the main one is that people “Don’t want sales pitches they didn’t ask for”. You have to get them to ask for the sales pitch. With the skills we teach at Business Mentor Systems you can learn how to get people to ask for more information and say yes to your offer.

Go to www.BusinessMentorSystems.com and fill out the contact us form and someone from my office will contact you. Please give us 24-48 hours to get back to you. We charge nothing for this information and only ask that you use it wisely.

Your Success Is Our Goal,
Dr. Raymond Jewell

Getting People To Say Yes In 2012

Many times people don’t know how to talk to others, and get them to reach agreement! Getting others to ask for more information is not hard but without proper skills it is nearly impossible. The skills are not hard to learn but unless you work with someone who has clear knowledge of what they are you will be spinning your wheels.

There are specific skills that you need to learn in order to get people to say “YES” and once you learn them you will be blown away with how easy it will be to talk to strangers. In this video you will hear why many people are affraid to talk to strangers.

[niceyoutubelite id=”_xt4JHNSdcQ”]

In our Mentoring program we teach this simple skill. With this skill you will need to schedule time to spend all the money that you will make in your business. Yes, you network marketing business will prosper.

All you have to do is contact us and we will help you learn these skills and reach the levels of achievement that you desire.

Your Success Is Our Goal.
Dr. Raymond Jewell

Network Marketing Opportunities

I have seen many Network Marketing Opportunities not teaching their distributors how to approach anyone and get a favorable response. When I type into the google search bar the term, Network Marketing Opportunities, is see tons of companies but when I visit the sites I see they are skilled at teaching their distributors how to present to a willing participant but rarely how to approach a person who is virtually a stranger, and then get them to ask for more information.

I wrote an article on my Business Mentor Systems Blog talking about why people are affraid to talk to strangers, and get them to listen to what they are offering. Most people were told at an early age “Never to talk to strangers” so being the good children they are, they don’t. Even as adults they still don’t!

Some people have learned how to meet a peson, who they didn’t know until they met them, at a function and begin through special skills to talk to them and then have the stranger turn around and ask for more information. If anyone specifically asks you for more information are you going to be reserved and not tell them? No, you are going to give them what they want.

How easy would it be if people were always asking you for more information. Would your Network Marketing Business really thrive? Of Course It Would!

There are specific easy to learn skills that will give you an easy path to getting people to ask for more information, which we teach in our mentoring practice at no charge. All you have to do is click on the Mentoring link at the top of the page then go to the contact us page and follow the steps. Or Click Here and send me an email with your contact info on it and someone from my office will be in touch with you to set up a meeting with me. Please put in the subject line: Mentoring, so we will know what the email is for.

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