This Will Make You Think Twice About Liberal Thinking! Is Free Really Free?

With all the liberals lining up to give free this and free that, ever wonder how this will all get paid for. They say that they will raise taxes on the rich end of the story. Will there be enough to pay for all this stuff?

Let’s look at the rough metrics of these offerings and put it all in perspective. These politicians are saying that Medicare for All, for example, will cost approximately 45 trillion dollars over a 10 year period. This is almost next to impossible to achieve.

With approximately 1.7 trillion dollars in circulation, how in the world will the Government be able to come up with enough tax income to pay for such an extraordinary expense. It can’t happen!

When you couple Medicare for all and then education for all, the need for dollars becomes even greater. Again, there is not enough money in circulation to pay for these offerings. Many economists will tell you that they can get velocity on the dollars in circulation so the tax base increases. You can’t tax enough to come up with enough money to pay for all the promises.

Google velocity of money.

This means how many times the same dollar is spent in a year and therefore how many times the government can tax the same dollar over and over again. Therefore the velocity has to increase dramatically for there to be enough money to pay for such extraordinary promises. There would have to be more velocity on the dollar achieved than ever before in the history of our Country.

Any economist, who is truthful about this topic, can look at these numbers and tell that there is no way these benefits can be achieved unless it is on the backs of the people. This means that there will have to be a huge transfer of wealth that will result in economic depression and the migration of wealth out of our Country. It will be so massive that no one will want to create wealth in the United States and will look elsewhere to practice their entrepreneurial skills.

If Liberals Were Honest!

With the Government commandeering all the money in circulation there will be a massive collapse of our financial institutions along with no growth in any business since there will be no money to buy goods and services. With all the money going to provide the promised benefits, Government employees will not get paid unless they are part of the delivery system that is providing the benefits that were promised.

As all the money goes to the Government, the collapse will ensure that the Country will end up probably worse than Venezuela, with the only capital going to a select few.

So for everyone who wants these free benefits, they must be told that after a time the Country will flip and even they will be living in poverty. If the liberals were honest they would say “we will give you free Medicaid for all” and “free education for all” but you will eventually end up living in poverty as will every American.

The liberals should be told that life as you know it will suffer and you will have no choice but to move to another Country. Perhaps States will succeed from the Union and form their own Conservative Governments, who knows.

In conclusion

Any free stuff promised by a politician no matter what party will place a huge financial strain on the economy and depending on the expense of the promise can wreck an economy as I discussed above.

Here is a novel option. If any promise is left to the citizens to decide whether they want the promise or not and instead of taxing the people to pay for any promise let the people use the tax money to buy it themselves. In other words, instead of taking the tax money away from the citizens let them keep it and decide whether they want it or not, then the politician will know whether the particular promise is of value or not.

What Is True Financial Freedom?

Hi, everyone. My name is Raymond Jewel, and today we're going to talk about what is true financial freedom. 

So, let's talk about true financial freedom. When you hear the financial people talk about becoming financially free, their definition is a different definition than what wealthy people deem financially free.

So if you're going to work with a financial person from the financial institutions, you want to understand what financial freedom means in a sense that the wealthy people look at it. 

When you look at financial freedom in the financial planner stage, you'll see that on the screen here you have several steps. I've got five here, but there's many more. They want you to pay down your credit card debt, to save and invest 10% to 20% of your income, build a strategic reserve, whatever that means. Some people call it a rainy day fund. Wait to buy a home until you're ready and can afford it. Live within or below your means.

Well, this is fine if you're just focusing on today. But wealthy people don't do that. They don't focus on just getting by. They don't focus on... We call it lack. You will achieve what you focused on. So when you focus on lack, that's what you'll get, lack. So if you're focusing on just getting by, that's not being financial free. So I copied the above 5 items off the internet, five ways to achieve financial freedom. They are not focusing on abundance. This is very lack base. So when you focus on lack, that's what you get. You get lack, and chances are people never will achieve the 5 objectives because they will get frustrated living in a lack based future.

If you're going to go down this road, you have to have an abundance approach. So if you look at financial freedom, the way wealthy people look at it, they have an abundance focused image. They have a vision of what they want. And that vision is amazingly creative and it defines their wants and dreams, not needs and goals. So when you focus on wants and dreams, they're far in excess of things that you could ever imagine happening. 

So, if I asked you what are your wants and dreams, you'd come up with all sorts of crazy stuff. Wants and dreams are automatically abundance focused. 

But if I asked, what are your needs? And let's focus on financial freedom, which is based on needs, you'll just put down enough to get by. Just like this. Pay down your credit card debt. These are all mundane little things. Saving and invest 10% to 20%. Well, if you've got an average income of $50,000 a year and you earn that for 40 years out of your life, you've had millions of dollars flow through your hands over your lifetime. If you calculate a reasonable interest rate, maybe 4%. It's $4 to $5 million dollars that will flow through your hands over your lifetime.

And what do the financial people want you to do? They want you to save 10% or 20%. Where did all the other go? So when you understand wealth creation principles that are used by the wealthy, they maintain control of their wealth as they live their life. 

I know that sounds like a lot of voodoo and witchcraft, but it can be done. And that's why the old saying 10% of the people control 90% of the world's wealth, because the 10% think differently than the 90%. When you think like a wealthy person, you're focused on abundance. It's abundance based focus.

So, when you're focused on abundance and you're going through daily routines to try to build a financial freedom world, you will not do it based on a lack based focus. So, paying down credit cards may be one thing. Being debt free is a great goal. And there's nothing wrong with that goal, but it has to be a goal that fits into your total wants and dreams. So, if my wants and dreams are to have millions of dollars and to build a business that's generating incredible amounts of money, part of my wants and dreams will be to be debt free. So if that's my focus being debt free, that will happen.

And that's financial freedom. Let's go back to the way the wealthy think years ago. They had a vision of their wealth. They had an image of their wealth. They understand what wealth looks like and they're able to create that image. It's not that hard. It's very easy to do if you know how to do it. It's very simple and it's been used for thousands of years. These principles never change. They just get buried by other people that have another agenda. 

Financial institutions or financial planners will not share this with you. There's nothing wrong with working with a financial planner as long as you understand the basic wealth creation principles that financial people use, and have put together a life’s wealth plan of your life.

I recently wrote a book and you can get it at no cost just by going to and downloading it. In it you will be able to understand these wealth creation principles and how to implement them. So when you read the book, you'll understand the basic principles. If you want to go further, we've put together a workbook that you can get, so when you go to you will get an insight into how the wealthy think. We've been researching these principles for well over 35 years with unbelievable social proof. 

I've been teaching these principles to my clients for well over 30 years. And we all, my clients and I have grown wealth together with amazing results. So now, I'm offering it to the public because I think that people need a chance to get out of that 90% and move into the 10%. 

My goal is to make that 10% statistic higher and 90% lower, because if people understand full wealth creation strategies that the wealthy have been using for years, then you can literally sit down with a financial person and operate on above a level playing field because you'll have more insight than they have as far as the thought process before listening to them. So you'll know where their faults are and you'll be able to intercept them and not do them. 

You'll know the questions to ask.

But true financial freedom is an abundance based focus. Again, there's nothing wrong with being debt free, but that has to be part of your image, part of your wants and dreams. 

Now, let's separate the difference between wants and dreams and needs and goals. And I've done several videos on this, but I'll just touch on it briefly. If I were to ask you what your needs and goals are, they are baseline. They're just getting by and you would tell me what you need to pay your bills on a monthly basis.

You would probably say, well, I want to take a vacation. So, you're just planning on getting by basically. You'll achieve what you focus on. So if the rug gets yanked out from underneath you, you're in big trouble because you didn't plan beyond your needs and goals. 

But, if I were to ask you what your wants and dreams are, you would come up with amazing wild dreams. I want this car. I want a Ferrari. I want a bigger house. I want to fly first class all over the country. I want to build my business and have thousands of people buying my products. Whatever it is, your wants and dreams are far greater than your needs and goals. So if anything happens to you and the rug gets yanked out from underneath you, you're not even going to be phased. 

But the financial world runs around doing what they call a financial needs analysis. They want to analyze your needs.

So, they want to analyze what you need just to get by. They don't analyze your wants and dreams. They should have a wants and dreams analysis. Let's talk about what it is you want out of life. What is your daily dream? What is your daily want? And if it's to be debt free, if it's to build a strategic reserve, if it's to buy a new home, it's part of your wants and dreams. 

To wrap all this up, what we want to talk about is always focusing on abundance. Our mind talk has to be abundant, Mind talk, not lack. Abundance is key to achieving financial freedom and financial freedom is possible for anyone.

You just have to have it in your image and understand what it looks like.

Thanks for reading.
Raymond Jewell, PhD

CrowdFunding Critical Step

CrowdFunding Critical Step is making sure you have a solid reach! 

Reach is not being able to reach a goal, it's reaching a massive audience with your message. Without a huge reach your crowdfunding efforts will not achieve the results you are looking for. 

Imagine you are launching a new product or service and you want to use a crowdfunding platform such as Kickstarter, or Indiegogo. You develop a nice website on the crowdfunding platform that you chose, that is very attractive and compelling for the reader. It will have a high conversion rate and almost insure that when anyone gets to the site they will contribute by purchasing your product purchase or service. 

Now imagine, how you will get the people to the site. How many friends do you have? Is your social media large enough to prime the pump? This is where many crowdfunding programs stop and don't reach their goal.

The crowdfunding platforms will promote your companies products or service, if you are getting visits but if you aren't they will not help. Their reach is for the popular traffic, and they will not help unless you are getting traction. You have to create the initial push, and prime the pump, then they will assist you. 

Without a massive reach few will learn about your program outside of your sphere of influence. You can go to social media companies and pay for them to use their social media reach, but what happens after that? Do you keep going back to others to use their social media contacts? The cost can skyrocket!

You Can Do It On Your Own!

We all know you can go to social media companies and get them to promote your product or service, but that can get very expensive depending on the quality of the social media reach. The more targeted you get the more cash you will lay out. Every time you send out a promotional campaign you will have to pay fees to get it done. Every time you spend money you are eating into the funds you are trying to raise. 

YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN REACH, on your own and target it to a specific audience, and then reuse it anytime you want. There is a platform that allows you to do this and the learning curve is minimal. The concept is called "Inbound Marketing" and the platform is Markethive. It's a free platform that allows you to create a massive reach and build a campaign that is specific to your crowdfunding product or service.

Just as the graphic indicates the reach is a far as you want to take it. You can reach 100,000 or 100,000,000 it's up to you. Imagine how many people you can inform of your crowdfunding efforts when you reach over millions of people. 

So the critical step in crowdfunding is developing a continuous reach and then nurturing the reach so as to inform as many as possible about your offer. Imagine how easy it will be if you are building a business, and looking to get your message out to millions of people. The results are mind blowing!

Thanks for reading,
Dr. Raymond Jewell

PS: Dr. Raymond Jewell is a leading Economist specializing in the Small and Home Based Business Marketplace. He is a Alpha Founder with Markethive and manages several blogs on the hive. Dr. Jewell is a professional Network Marketer and represents several companies successfully. He can be reached through Markethive.







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Turnkey Marketing Automation
Markethive Advantage
Markethive has fused the Social Aspect of Entrepreneurs with a state of the art very powerful Marketing platform for free. Email Autoresponders, Capture Pages, Blogcasting, etc.

Attain top SEO and reach billions of people on the Social Networks is a typical day for the Entrepreneur at Markethive

The Force Multiplier
When you gather the troops of Entrepreneurs as a family, with a common goal, the power of the Inbound Marketing of Markethive explodes exponentially.

Broadcasts in the trillions begin to happen, reaching SEO results unheard of and building lifelong partnerships with other Entrepreneurs is Markethive.

I started using Markethive a few months ago. The Tools are incredible, rotators, tracking, coop press releases, email autoresponders, capture pages, the blog platform is genius, the knowledge shared and the family of other entrepreneurs just makes the results of marketing with Markethive the very best.

It is all free, because they fund the system with advertising and then share 50% of the advertising with us in the affiliate program.

Steve Smith

I made this "first generation" capture page in the Markethive Blog system, to show you what can be done. It is swipe-able, so please use it for your own benefits. Make sure to change out the capture widget code! You need to remove this TAG too.

Thomas Prendergast

Perpetual Fundraising

FundRaising Relief 

Fund Raising issues

FundRaising Relief is something that all Charities and Non-Profit need. Raising money becomes a tough business with many Charities and Non-Profits going back to the same people over and over again for funding. 

One of the newer ways to raise money is through perpetual fund raising. This enables the group raising the money to receive cash flow to pay their bills. With a perpetual cash flow, running the charity or non-profit becomes an easier task, and allows the group to focus on the core function that the group was established to do. 

What ends up happening is groups spend more time raising money then doing what they were founded to do. We all know that time is something that can't be recovered so enabling the group to raise funding, out into the future, with only the up front effort is highly desirable. 


Fund Raising Solution

One of the ways to create a perpetual fundraising system is to offer something that is highly desirable  with huge value. When the public perceives when they are giving a charity or non-profit money, and they are getting huge value for it, they will continue to give. When they give and get value in return, over and over again, then the public will continue to come back for more giving. 

Instead of just giving out of duty, they public gives for value. We have prepared a video that will explain how our FundRaising Platform works so you can see how the perpetual giving idea will enhance your Charity or Non-Profit's future. You can also access another video that has some brainstorming ideas on how to use the platform. 

Thanks for reading,
Dr. Raymond Jewell


PS: Dr. Raymond Jewell is a leading Economist specializing in the Small and Home Based Business Marketplace. He is a Alpha Founder with Markethive and manages several blogs on the hive. Dr. Jewell is a professional Network Marketer and represents several companies successfully. He can be reached through Markethive.


Incredible Network Marketing Principal to Success

Incredible Network Marketing Principal To Success that is over looked by most is, 

Respect the process = Success will come… 

Having respect for the process of Network Marketing is something that most people don't follow. This is why a small percentages end up failing. Now I know these are harsh words, but without the process the results will not happen. 

This is obvious and most know it, so you probably are asking the question, "why don't people follow a winning process"? The answer is right in front of us, it's intimidating! 

Yes, new and existing Network Marketers find the process intimidating, and will try every way they can to shake it off. I know, I just did it, and I've been doing this a long time!

Here is my story, "I signed up for the MLM Recruit On Demand System that dials calls for me and then people return my calls and then I call them back. Well I tested the leads sent to me without the call back option, and boy did my palms sweat. They were cold calls, I had done them early on in my business, and I knew how to do them but didn't want to. I feared the rejection that in reality would never happen. I tried to look for every reason not to call the leads. Finally I got myself together and said I must follow the process. I then called a few of them to get a feel for what happens when the new leads call me. I caught myself looking for reasons to not follow the process. The reason I signed up for this system was that interested people would call me back."

I needed to follow the process and get my head out of my backside. 

The process is laid out for a reason, do you know what that reason is? It's to make your success easier and quicker, but what do we do? We decide to not do it! Duh! We wonder why we are not able to achieve success. Phone calls are a major part of the network marketing business and if you can't do that you will not succeed. 

Every time I catch myself trying to not follow the process, I have a long talk with ME, and get back on track. You all know the process, and if you don't, message me through Markethive, and I will take you through it. 

Marcus Lemonis  who is on television with his show The Profit, always talks about People, Process, and Product. Process is primary to profit, after people. Without people you have no process, but with people, you can execute a process. Without a process a company is out of business so one can conclude that its is the most important part of building a business. 

In Network Marketing following a process is the difference between success and failure. This is the major key reason why many don't succeed in network marketing. This is the recipe for success or failure, there is not shortcut. 

So if you need to find out where to get the PROCESS, contact your up-line and ask what they do. If they don't know then keep asking up the ladder, someone will know. If that does not work, I will help you. But if making phone calls is hard for you I am sure you will not call me, but if you do I will be here for you.

Thanks for reading,
Dr. Raymond Jewell


PS: Dr. Raymond Jewell is a leading Economist specializing in the Small and Home Based Business Marketplace. He is a Alpha Founder with Markethive and manages several blogs on the hive. Dr. Jewell is a professional Network Marketer and represents several companies successfully. 


Network Marketing Company Pays Daily

Saivian Cash Back

If you got paid daily for your business, would that be ok?

Do you keep your options open to creating revenue outside of your core business?

If you were introduced to a business that you could do easily and would be accepted by all of your friends and family would that be of interest to you?

If you answered YES to the above questions you owe it to your self to read further. This new company that I am going to present to you, will change your life forever, and will blow your mind. It's so easy that anyone can do it, that can talk. If you can talk, you can refer!

This new company will give you anywhere from 92% to 192% return monthly on your monthly expenses. You will add money to your life for doing what you normally do, on a daily basis. Getting a return on monthly expenses is a unique concept, but it really boils down to cash back. 

You also earn money for referring people to it, and they in turn get the savings you are getting. You can earn anywhere from $5 per day to $3000 per day. No sales just referring others. 

The Company:

The Company's name is Saivian and it is a brand new concept in affiliate marketing. Saivian is a BUYING CLUB that provides cash back on purchases. When people join they get 20% cash back on all the purchases that they normally make on a daily basis. The cash back far exceeds the monthly cost, so the club has benefits whether you run it as an affiliate business or not.

The cash back concept has been around for quite some time. Credit cards do it, big box retailers do it, so why not do it through affiliate marketing. In the other cases the cash back is very small, but with Saivian it's 20% which is huge. Most credit cards only give 1%-2% back which is nice, but not 20%. 


There is more money through the affiliate program. All you have to do is refer others to Saivian and you can get paid daily. The referral fees are from $5 per day to $3,000 per day, depending how many people you refer. The magic is that regardless of whether the person you refer decides to take advantage of the affiliate program or not, they will get tremendous savings through the cash back program, and you get the referral fee daily.

Everyone is a winner! 

Let's put it in perspective. In our current economy people are having trouble making ends meet and are looking for ways to supplement their incomes in a painless way. The Saivian program gives them a solution. When anyone joins the buying club they get an instant 20% cash back on existing purchases they make on a weekly basis. If they tell others they will get additional income through the referral program, and the more referrals that are made the income flow increases. 

The referrals do not have to be personally sponsored, except for the first 3 which gets the first $5 per day income stream going, they can be brought in by others on your team. At this point I would highly recommend that you watch several videos that can explain further how this program works, and then if you still have an interest in Saivian, please fill out the form and I will call you. Click here

Thanks for reading,
Dr. Raymond Jewell


PS: Dr. Raymond Jewell is a leading Economist specializing in the Small and Home Based Business Marketplace. He is a Alpha Founder with Markethive and manages several blogs on the hive. Dr. Jewell is a professional Network Marketer and represents several companies successfully. 


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