Do You Know What “The Big Lie Is”? Do You Know You Are Being Silenced, And Don’t Know It?

If you tell a lie long enough people tend to believe it! Our population is one that if they are told the same lie over and over again people will tend to believe it and will begin to follow the perpetrators of the lie.

Let’s look a few current examples: I am sure you can come up with more! If you can please put them in the comments.

Lie #1: People that follow President Trump are terrorist.
Lie #2: There was no fraud in the 2020 election, Joe Biden won the election fair and square.
Lie #3: Kicking people off social media is good for the country.
Lie #4: Donald Trump did a lousy job.
Lie #5: Coronavirus 19 is morphing into amore lethal virus.

I could go on and on about the lies that the main street media (MSM) is telling people. If you begin to believe them then you will succumb to their propaganda. The Big Lie was used in Germany during the advent of Hitler, and it’s been used by many other totalitarian governments currently.

Our show is to keep everyone in tune with when your financial freedoms are at risk. We keep saying when your Freedoms are at risk your Financial Freedoms are at risk also. We want to point out the lies and let you know when they are being used financially.

Arguably, there are 5 major Freedoms that are put at risk.

  1. Freedom of Speach
  2. Freedom of the Press
  3. Freedom of Assembly
  4. Freedom of Religion
  5. Freedom of the Right To Bear Arms

Everyone of these freedoms are under assault. Because of these freedoms we are the freest Country in the World today but our freedoms are not what the liberals want. This is why people want to tear us down and it’s coming from internal people who want to control everything, and outside who want to tear us down.

Right now we are being told how we can spend our money, is having to use other platforms since credit card companies will not process their payments. This is a blatant attack on our Freedom of The Press and Speach because anyone who wants to use the Gab platform but is afraid of sending a check every month can’t. This is a simple one but is happening today.

In the 1st amendment of the United States Constitution the main Freedom exist:

First Amendment

First Amendment Annotated

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. (Freedom of the right to bear arms)

So even though Congress has not blatantly changed a law allowing our Freedoms to be changed, they are looking the other way when it happens. Congress is allowing the massive social media to dictate to others what they are supposed to do and how they are supposed to act. Congress is allowing 3rd parties to do their dirty work.

I say all this because I want everyone reading this to understand whenever even one Freedom is threatened your Financial Freedom is threatened. So when the liberals say something over and over again, others tend to believe them, mainly from the other liberals then it migrates to some conservatives.

This concept is done in finance today, financial people keep telling you they have the answers when they don’t. They take your money and gamble with it sometimes losing and sometimes winning. The majority of the time they lose, why does this happen?

They operate on the 4 basis rules:

  1. They want to get your money
  2. They want to get your money on a systematic and on going basis.
  3. They want to hold on to it for as long as possible
  4. They want to give it back as little as possible

If the financial institutions violate these rules they are out of business. No matter what the financial institutions say they are out for commissions from your money, and they will say and do anything to get your money.

Without a macro economic model they have no idea whether what they are doing is right or wrong. We prove everything before we execute any financial move. Yes we do make commission but it’s from a third party not your money. We only get paid when a financial move makes sense and is verifiable mathematically and legally.

Don’t fall for the big lie! Verify everything before you do it! Also fight to save your freedoms and don’t let others take them away from you. Protect Your Freedoms!

Look What Happened To Your Freedom of Speach!

A Food For Thought Series

Our Freedoms are unique to our Constitution and all us to be the freest Country in the World today. When our Freedoms are taken away we’re hurt physically and financially. If a particular group of people try to take away your Freedom of Speach and can tell you what you can and can not say then you are being restricted as to what topics you can talk about.

If the massive social media platforms tell you that you can not use their platforms then you are restricted about any free thought that you want to share with others.

Let’s take a deep dive into what has happened in the last few days to inhibit your freedom of Speach. Over 75,000,000 voters told the world that they wanted President Donald Trump to represent them for another 4 years. The social media decided that they didn’t want the people to win and so they decided to change the vote. This is another topic for another day but the fact remains that your vote was taken away.

Now, the social media platforms, twitter, facebook, and google, Shopify, apple, just to name a few have decided that they don’t like President Trump and the people who voted for him so they have decided that they want to take you and me down and limit our exposure to people you want to communicate with.

As I write this Shopify took down anyone’s site that offered conservative products. Apple told Parler (the new alternative to twitter) that they must clean up their information of they would take their App Store rights away.

So with the social media platform restricting the Speach of others then you will be told what and who you can say things to. This will spill over to your Financial Freedoms just as people making money using social platforms are being restricted in use. If you are a conservative, and have made it known, you may have or will be shut down. How about the Shopify folks who can’t sell their products. How about if you get shut down because you may know someone who is shut down, they you will also.

Social media restricting conservatives, follow this link.

The huge media platform think they are running the show, and maybe they are currently but people will figure a way around it. But, they are forcing conservatives to be paranoid about others. This is a totalitarian activity and is invasive to our Freedoms. Freedom of Speach-Financial Freedom, are at risk and have and will put your business at risk.

Here is an article that will give you insight into what went on

How do you fix it?

Make sure that you ween yourself off the invasive platforms and move to the ones that don’t stifle your free Speach. So far Parler, MeWe, Rumbler, and others are making their way into the marketplace and offer non interference with clients and their customers.

Make sure you have a macro economic model in place that will show the financial inefficiencies and allow you to move to protect them. Find a good web company and get space on it. For example Godaddy recently bounced a site for no reason.

By following the recommendations of the financial advisors you will put yourself at risk since they operate from the 4 basic rules of the financial institutions.

• They must get your money
• They must get it on a systematic and on going basis
• They must hold on to it as long as possible
• They must give it back as little as possible

If the financial institutions and their representatives violate these rules they are out of business, so it makes sense they will tell you what they want you to hear to get and keep your money. With a macro economic model you can see the results before they happen and decide whats right and whats not right, to do.

So, no longer do you have to rely on what others say, you have the powering your hands and can prove where flaws are and fix them. Again, no longer do you have to listen to people who have a hidden agenda financially or a hidden agenda to attack your freedoms.

Also tune into and learn how to protect yourself.

Is Your Financial Freedom At Risk?

A food for thought series!

Our radio show is called Financial Freedom Radio, which we have been doing since 2007. We have covered an array of topics but the one that hits close to home is what is happening to our country based on a fraudulent election. This election covers many topics and I personally think Financial Freedom is a huge part of the outcome of this election fraud.

If we allow anyone other than the citizens of the United States of America to take control of our elections we are in trouble. This trouble extends to all your freedoms, which extends to your financial freedom.

Since money is the main exchange for goods and services in our country and for that fact the world, you want to be in full control of it. When others are able to tell you what you can do, and how you are able to act, then you are in serious trouble. Your freedoms are at stake!

You want your money to be spent as prudent as possible, but currently its spent at the whim of the politicians, without you in mind. You pay taxes and your money is spent for foolish things and the money they crave keeps going up and you foot the bill. In other words, they spend our money and keep coming back for more. We have no control!

How do we gain control? We vote the squanders out of office and vote the pragmatist in. This is an impossibility when a group of people, with a specific agenda, can take the election away from another group. The people must decide and not the special interest groups.

As a citizen I must vote for the person who will protect my money and keep my spending power up without spending my money in places that are totally against the American People’s wishes. Such as financial aid to countries who hate us.

For example when President Trump came into office gasoline was over $3 per gallon in most States now its under $3 per gallon. This is giving the public a huge savings with the savings going back in the pockets of the consumers. Taxes are down so consumers are able to have more spending power. By asking the question “Are you better off financially now, then you were 4 years ago” the answer should be a astounding YES!

Our Freedoms are total and individual to all of us and should never be taken for granted. When we take them for granted we lose them and become slaves to our leaders. We have to speak up and take our Country back. If we don’t we will lose more and more of them.

We have 5 Freedoms, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speach and The Right to Keep and Bear Arms. These Freedoms are constantly under threat and we as Citizens of America need to fight to protect them. Financial Freedom is hinged to the main 5 and without it our lives are subordinated to the so called ruling class who seek to take our wealth through the compromising of our 5 Freedoms. These Freedoms have allow us to be the freest Country in the World.

If you have a President of this fabulous Country that is not leading based on your agenda then your freedoms are at risk. It is a known fact that this last election was stolen from the public and as of this writing if the current President is not reinstalled in office our Freedoms are at risk, therefore we want to make sure that we fight for our Freedoms because all Freedoms translate to Financial Freedoms.

We are at a turning point in our history where the politicians that are only out for their personal agenda, trying to make us think they care about us, are exposed and gotten rid of. They are fighting tooth and nail to maintain control but the majority are “saying we have had enough”. This is why they have resorted to stealing this election. All this said we have to get rid of the fraudsters and make sure they are removed from any political exposure.

What can you do? No matter what your political party or affiliation you need to make sure that no one, I mean no one, takes our freedoms away. The loss of only one freedom will cost us our financial freedom.

Financial Freedom Radio will fight to make sure that our freedoms are in tack and anyone who try’s to steal our Freedoms will be the subject of our writings and broadcast.

This Will Make You Think Twice About Liberal Thinking! Is Free Really Free?

With all the liberals lining up to give free this and free that, ever wonder how this will all get paid for. They say that they will raise taxes on the rich end of the story. Will there be enough to pay for all this stuff?

Let’s look at the rough metrics of these offerings and put it all in perspective. These politicians are saying that Medicare for All, for example, will cost approximately 45 trillion dollars over a 10 year period. This is almost next to impossible to achieve.

With approximately 1.7 trillion dollars in circulation, how in the world will the Government be able to come up with enough tax income to pay for such an extraordinary expense. It can’t happen!

When you couple Medicare for all and then education for all, the need for dollars becomes even greater. Again, there is not enough money in circulation to pay for these offerings. Many economists will tell you that they can get velocity on the dollars in circulation so the tax base increases. You can’t tax enough to come up with enough money to pay for all the promises.

Google velocity of money.

This means how many times the same dollar is spent in a year and therefore how many times the government can tax the same dollar over and over again. Therefore the velocity has to increase dramatically for there to be enough money to pay for such extraordinary promises. There would have to be more velocity on the dollar achieved than ever before in the history of our Country.

Any economist, who is truthful about this topic, can look at these numbers and tell that there is no way these benefits can be achieved unless it is on the backs of the people. This means that there will have to be a huge transfer of wealth that will result in economic depression and the migration of wealth out of our Country. It will be so massive that no one will want to create wealth in the United States and will look elsewhere to practice their entrepreneurial skills.

If Liberals Were Honest!

With the Government commandeering all the money in circulation there will be a massive collapse of our financial institutions along with no growth in any business since there will be no money to buy goods and services. With all the money going to provide the promised benefits, Government employees will not get paid unless they are part of the delivery system that is providing the benefits that were promised.

As all the money goes to the Government, the collapse will ensure that the Country will end up probably worse than Venezuela, with the only capital going to a select few.

So for everyone who wants these free benefits, they must be told that after a time the Country will flip and even they will be living in poverty. If the liberals were honest they would say “we will give you free Medicaid for all” and “free education for all” but you will eventually end up living in poverty as will every American.

The liberals should be told that life as you know it will suffer and you will have no choice but to move to another Country. Perhaps States will succeed from the Union and form their own Conservative Governments, who knows.

In conclusion

Any free stuff promised by a politician no matter what party will place a huge financial strain on the economy and depending on the expense of the promise can wreck an economy as I discussed above.

Here is a novel option. If any promise is left to the citizens to decide whether they want the promise or not and instead of taxing the people to pay for any promise let the people use the tax money to buy it themselves. In other words, instead of taking the tax money away from the citizens let them keep it and decide whether they want it or not, then the politician will know whether the particular promise is of value or not.

What Is True Financial Freedom?

Hi, everyone. My name is Raymond Jewel, and today we're going to talk about what is true financial freedom. 

So, let's talk about true financial freedom. When you hear the financial people talk about becoming financially free, their definition is a different definition than what wealthy people deem financially free.

So if you're going to work with a financial person from the financial institutions, you want to understand what financial freedom means in a sense that the wealthy people look at it. 

When you look at financial freedom in the financial planner stage, you'll see that on the screen here you have several steps. I've got five here, but there's many more. They want you to pay down your credit card debt, to save and invest 10% to 20% of your income, build a strategic reserve, whatever that means. Some people call it a rainy day fund. Wait to buy a home until you're ready and can afford it. Live within or below your means.

Well, this is fine if you're just focusing on today. But wealthy people don't do that. They don't focus on just getting by. They don't focus on... We call it lack. You will achieve what you focused on. So when you focus on lack, that's what you'll get, lack. So if you're focusing on just getting by, that's not being financial free. So I copied the above 5 items off the internet, five ways to achieve financial freedom. They are not focusing on abundance. This is very lack base. So when you focus on lack, that's what you get. You get lack, and chances are people never will achieve the 5 objectives because they will get frustrated living in a lack based future.

If you're going to go down this road, you have to have an abundance approach. So if you look at financial freedom, the way wealthy people look at it, they have an abundance focused image. They have a vision of what they want. And that vision is amazingly creative and it defines their wants and dreams, not needs and goals. So when you focus on wants and dreams, they're far in excess of things that you could ever imagine happening. 

So, if I asked you what are your wants and dreams, you'd come up with all sorts of crazy stuff. Wants and dreams are automatically abundance focused. 

But if I asked, what are your needs? And let's focus on financial freedom, which is based on needs, you'll just put down enough to get by. Just like this. Pay down your credit card debt. These are all mundane little things. Saving and invest 10% to 20%. Well, if you've got an average income of $50,000 a year and you earn that for 40 years out of your life, you've had millions of dollars flow through your hands over your lifetime. If you calculate a reasonable interest rate, maybe 4%. It's $4 to $5 million dollars that will flow through your hands over your lifetime.

And what do the financial people want you to do? They want you to save 10% or 20%. Where did all the other go? So when you understand wealth creation principles that are used by the wealthy, they maintain control of their wealth as they live their life. 

I know that sounds like a lot of voodoo and witchcraft, but it can be done. And that's why the old saying 10% of the people control 90% of the world's wealth, because the 10% think differently than the 90%. When you think like a wealthy person, you're focused on abundance. It's abundance based focus.

So, when you're focused on abundance and you're going through daily routines to try to build a financial freedom world, you will not do it based on a lack based focus. So, paying down credit cards may be one thing. Being debt free is a great goal. And there's nothing wrong with that goal, but it has to be a goal that fits into your total wants and dreams. So, if my wants and dreams are to have millions of dollars and to build a business that's generating incredible amounts of money, part of my wants and dreams will be to be debt free. So if that's my focus being debt free, that will happen.

And that's financial freedom. Let's go back to the way the wealthy think years ago. They had a vision of their wealth. They had an image of their wealth. They understand what wealth looks like and they're able to create that image. It's not that hard. It's very easy to do if you know how to do it. It's very simple and it's been used for thousands of years. These principles never change. They just get buried by other people that have another agenda. 

Financial institutions or financial planners will not share this with you. There's nothing wrong with working with a financial planner as long as you understand the basic wealth creation principles that financial people use, and have put together a life’s wealth plan of your life.

I recently wrote a book and you can get it at no cost just by going to and downloading it. In it you will be able to understand these wealth creation principles and how to implement them. So when you read the book, you'll understand the basic principles. If you want to go further, we've put together a workbook that you can get, so when you go to you will get an insight into how the wealthy think. We've been researching these principles for well over 35 years with unbelievable social proof. 

I've been teaching these principles to my clients for well over 30 years. And we all, my clients and I have grown wealth together with amazing results. So now, I'm offering it to the public because I think that people need a chance to get out of that 90% and move into the 10%. 

My goal is to make that 10% statistic higher and 90% lower, because if people understand full wealth creation strategies that the wealthy have been using for years, then you can literally sit down with a financial person and operate on above a level playing field because you'll have more insight than they have as far as the thought process before listening to them. So you'll know where their faults are and you'll be able to intercept them and not do them. 

You'll know the questions to ask.

But true financial freedom is an abundance based focus. Again, there's nothing wrong with being debt free, but that has to be part of your image, part of your wants and dreams. 

Now, let's separate the difference between wants and dreams and needs and goals. And I've done several videos on this, but I'll just touch on it briefly. If I were to ask you what your needs and goals are, they are baseline. They're just getting by and you would tell me what you need to pay your bills on a monthly basis.

You would probably say, well, I want to take a vacation. So, you're just planning on getting by basically. You'll achieve what you focus on. So if the rug gets yanked out from underneath you, you're in big trouble because you didn't plan beyond your needs and goals. 

But, if I were to ask you what your wants and dreams are, you would come up with amazing wild dreams. I want this car. I want a Ferrari. I want a bigger house. I want to fly first class all over the country. I want to build my business and have thousands of people buying my products. Whatever it is, your wants and dreams are far greater than your needs and goals. So if anything happens to you and the rug gets yanked out from underneath you, you're not even going to be phased. 

But the financial world runs around doing what they call a financial needs analysis. They want to analyze your needs.

So, they want to analyze what you need just to get by. They don't analyze your wants and dreams. They should have a wants and dreams analysis. Let's talk about what it is you want out of life. What is your daily dream? What is your daily want? And if it's to be debt free, if it's to build a strategic reserve, if it's to buy a new home, it's part of your wants and dreams. 

To wrap all this up, what we want to talk about is always focusing on abundance. Our mind talk has to be abundant, Mind talk, not lack. Abundance is key to achieving financial freedom and financial freedom is possible for anyone.

You just have to have it in your image and understand what it looks like.

Thanks for reading.
Raymond Jewell, PhD

CrowdFunding Critical Step

CrowdFunding Critical Step is making sure you have a solid reach! 

Reach is not being able to reach a goal, it's reaching a massive audience with your message. Without a huge reach your crowdfunding efforts will not achieve the results you are looking for. 

Imagine you are launching a new product or service and you want to use a crowdfunding platform such as Kickstarter, or Indiegogo. You develop a nice website on the crowdfunding platform that you chose, that is very attractive and compelling for the reader. It will have a high conversion rate and almost insure that when anyone gets to the site they will contribute by purchasing your product purchase or service. 

Now imagine, how you will get the people to the site. How many friends do you have? Is your social media large enough to prime the pump? This is where many crowdfunding programs stop and don't reach their goal.

The crowdfunding platforms will promote your companies products or service, if you are getting visits but if you aren't they will not help. Their reach is for the popular traffic, and they will not help unless you are getting traction. You have to create the initial push, and prime the pump, then they will assist you. 

Without a massive reach few will learn about your program outside of your sphere of influence. You can go to social media companies and pay for them to use their social media reach, but what happens after that? Do you keep going back to others to use their social media contacts? The cost can skyrocket!

You Can Do It On Your Own!

We all know you can go to social media companies and get them to promote your product or service, but that can get very expensive depending on the quality of the social media reach. The more targeted you get the more cash you will lay out. Every time you send out a promotional campaign you will have to pay fees to get it done. Every time you spend money you are eating into the funds you are trying to raise. 

YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN REACH, on your own and target it to a specific audience, and then reuse it anytime you want. There is a platform that allows you to do this and the learning curve is minimal. The concept is called "Inbound Marketing" and the platform is Markethive. It's a free platform that allows you to create a massive reach and build a campaign that is specific to your crowdfunding product or service.

Just as the graphic indicates the reach is a far as you want to take it. You can reach 100,000 or 100,000,000 it's up to you. Imagine how many people you can inform of your crowdfunding efforts when you reach over millions of people. 

So the critical step in crowdfunding is developing a continuous reach and then nurturing the reach so as to inform as many as possible about your offer. Imagine how easy it will be if you are building a business, and looking to get your message out to millions of people. The results are mind blowing!

Thanks for reading,
Dr. Raymond Jewell

PS: Dr. Raymond Jewell is a leading Economist specializing in the Small and Home Based Business Marketplace. He is a Alpha Founder with Markethive and manages several blogs on the hive. Dr. Jewell is a professional Network Marketer and represents several companies successfully. He can be reached through Markethive.







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Steve Smith

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