June 23

A Shocking Truth About Network Marketing, Are your thoughts equal to you’re plans?


Your Thought have to be the same as your plan.
Your Thought have to be the same as your plan.

Are you thoughts the same as your plan?

If not you might want to get the two straight.

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When building a business plan that has you growing your business to amazing heights and you really don’t believe that you can do it, then the chance of you achieving your plans goals will be slim to none.

Over the years I have seen people put together very nice plans showing that their business is going to be the next Apple, Microsoft, or Facebook only to find out that they didn’t achieve their goal. The reason is because the person who wrote the plan didn’t believe that the plan could be achieved.

Your thinking has to be congruent with your plans and you have to truly believe that you can achieve what you are wanting. As you create your plan you must image and visualize your outcome to create the powerful force that will catapult your business to the higher level. It also provides the energy you need to get the job done. If you’re thinking is not congruent with your plan of action, the energy level will subside and you will give up.

The Home based Business truth is you build your plan then make sure that you follow the basis steps.

  • Imagine what you want to do and conjure up the feelings associated with what you are want to do.
  • Visualize the process to you will follow to get the job done that is congruent with what you have written down on paper.
  • Visualize the outcome that you will achieve, over the time frame that you have written in your plan.
  • Visualize the feelings associated with the process your plan takes you through, and then the results of your plan.

A great exercise  to follow is to day dream about your business and the steps you are going to have to go through to get it done. As you read your plan visualize the outcomes and enjoy the feelings of the outcomes. As you day dream visualize the negatives in your plan and how you over came them. Even if you are visualizing several years, try to imagine the process step by step. This might take several days but sit down and read your plan and ponder each and every step as you make them in your mind.

I once heard about a lady sitting on a plane, with her eyes closed making many different noises with her mouth. The person next to her finally asked her, what she was doing and she said that she was Concert Master with an orchestra and she was playing the concert over and over in her mind.

Playing something over and over again in your mind is just a powerful as actually practicing  physically. The problem in business, especially in Network Marketing, is that everyone is in a super hurry to create their riches and they forget about what they need to do. If you take your time you will be better off.

In conclusion before you begin any network marketing company put together a mini business plan then believe that it can happen. It’s that simple!

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Raymond Jewell
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