July 8

5 Top Essential Tips For Network Marketing Success


5 Top Essential Network Mkg tips copyThe 5 top essential tips for network marketing  in my opinion might not match with what other leaders might say. 

Here is the straight scoop! Most experts look at the top tips that are important to begin after you have paid your money and joined a company.

You will never achieve network marketing success unless you put into motion the principals before you decide to join. Do not spend any money joining a company before reading this article.

You can be in the best network marketing opportunity that has the highest mlm ranking but if you don’t utilize proper strategies from the beginning you will never see success.

So lets start with the question, what is network marketing? It’s a business just like any other business so it must be treated as such. No one lays out money for a business with out having it thought out clearly from the start.

  1. First Tip is to make sure that you understand the industry and how it works. Never jump in unless you have a through understanding as to how the industry works. This means pay plans, up-uplines, and the types of different companies. Don’t get caught up in the emotion of someone else when they are presenting their deal to you.
  2. Second Tip is to vet the person who is presenting the particular opportunity to you. What is their network marketing success and what is their stature in the industry. After all you are planning on joining a company because you want financial independence, right? Does the person who is talking to you have financial independence or are they like you looking to get ahead? Ask the questions, and if anyone finds the questions offensive thats tough!
  3. Third Tip, before you spend any money build a business plan. I have put together a short video that you can use to learn how to build a Mini Network Marketing Business Plan. It will walk you through steps to take that will enable you to gain great insight into the company you are looking at. To obtain the free video click here or just go the right corner of this page.
  4. Fourth Tip, once you have narrowed down the company make sure they don’t have a history of changing compensation plans on the distributors. Ask the person that is recruiting you if they have ever changed the plans and if they don’t know as the company. Their is nothing wrong with doing your due diligence before you join and if anyone objects to it that should give you some insight into the management of the company.
  5. Fifth and Final Tip is to always make sure that before you spend a dime you have a love affair with the company and products. This is one of the biggest problems in achieving Network Marketing success with any of the companies and the reason for a lot of peoples failure. They get caught up in the emotion of the moment, which sometimes can carry for weeks, only to discover they don’t like the products or they don’t like the company. Now its too late! Money has been spent with no way to get it back.

A Bonus Tip… There is a new trend in the industry and there are some that have been around for a while that don’t charge up from to join or if they do it’s minimal. What they do charge is for products and they try to get you to purchase a big package. What they don’t tell you is that there is usually a 90 day or longer period where they will let you step up and purchase the big package if you wish after you decide you like the company. You are probably not told this because the distributor bringing you in wants to get paid.

Up front money pays the up-line, its no secret.

Doing due diligence up front will eliminate a lot of failure later and heart ache. As I mentioned I have put together a video to walk you through these issues step by step and you can get it by clicking here

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