July 15

4 Tips on How to Get Prospects


ProspectingtipsLooking for tips on how to get prospects, then you will have to understand the key ingredients of  where to find them and how to turn them into a referral machine.

How to get prospects in network marketing is no different then how to get prospects in life insurance or any other business, the principals are the same. You even can learn how to get prospects to call you and ask about your business.

How To Get Prospects

Here are 4 tips on how to get prospects:

  1. Make up your mind that you are not going to build a chicken list. In the video I talk about people who make their chicken list, the chickens all come home to roost. Always put your list together with the expectation that the people who you speak with are waiting for your information.
  2. Get our Memory Jogger Prospecting Tool– Its free. We prepared this tool for you to use to extract your network of people who want to hear from you. We all have a secret network that  remains untaped, and we walk by it every day, never to explore its true value. This network will respond to you when you ask.
  3. Identify your personal network of people- everyone knows 200 people whether they believe it or not. Look in your contacts on your phone and see how many you have. But, you have more than who are just in your phone contacts. You have a multitude of people all waiting for you to let them know what you are doing.
  4. Watch the video in this article. This video below is where I explain how to expose your prospects and how to turn them into a referral machine. I know it works because I have been doing this for 35 years.

We created the Memory Jogger Prospecting Tool for people who are having trouble getting prospects to speak with, and also for existing network marketers to re-launch their business.

The tool is free but is only as good as the person who is using it. If you follow the instructions you will find anywhere from 160 to 300 quality prospects to speak with who will listen and interact in a positive way with your offering.

As I said before I have been doing this for 35 years and ran my business strictly by referrals. For the past 20 years I have worked from home consulting with people all over the United States and Europe never seeing them, buy building the relationship over the phone and internet. I started using my own personal network then getting them to give me referrals.

If your wondering what my consulting business was and is, it’s the Life Insurance Business. If I can learn how to get prospects for life insurance using this tool and work with high net worth individuals all over the U.S, and Europe, never physically meeting them, and gaining their trust, then you can certainly learn to use it in your home based business.

I operate on 3 rules, Crawl, Walk, and Run. We are crawling right now but will soon walk then run.

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