September 28

3 Top Reasons To Do Home Automation Yourself [DIY]!


One App Controls Everything-2There are 3 top reasons that you should do home automation yourself and the blow the major companies out of the water.

As you may know Xfinity Home, ATT, and others are all getting into the Smart Home business. Do you want these people controlling your precious possessions?

Home automation,

Is easy to do but most people just don’t know how. It’s so simple a “Cave Man” can do it. No offense to cave men. I recently decided to make my home a smart home but did not have the confidence to use the same company who is monitoring my alarm system. All they have been doing is charging me for stuff that they don’t deliver on, so enough is enough!

I found a company that I could use to do it myself [DIY] and not pay a ton of money. I ordered it and installed it in 30 minutes, the garage door and thermostat took a little longer but the main system took 30 minutes.

Here are 3 top reason to do home automation yourself:

  1. Make sure you can add additional equipment when you want as technology progresses. In 2022 it is predicted that people will have over 500 smart home devices running in their homes so you will want to have the capability to add them as you want or need them. The traditional companies only let you run what’s in their packages that you start with. To add new devices you will have to pay more.
  2. Keep your cost down. When you are in control you can keep your cost down as you add new devices. The big boys in this business will want to charge you a ton of money. I have heard stories of people paying $5,000 to $10,000 or more when equipping smart homes. I could have gone to a big box store or gone on-line and purchased the equipment but why buy it when it comes in the package. You can get up to $2,000 worth of equipment without paying for it, all you have to do is agree to a 36 month contract. Thats normal in the industry.
  3. When you do it yourself you don’t have strangers in your nome punching holes in your wall. Even if its wifi they many times will install key pads in the wall and run wires unnecessarily. The real kicker is that you want to always get security built into any system. A lot of times the security systems are not home automation system. Simply Safe is just security and they tout no contract but they up sell you to higher contracts.

All in all the DIY space is the way to go for home automation giving you great flexibility, lower cost, and ease of installation. You can learn more by clicking on and reading first hand about how you can handle this yourself with little knowledge of DIY.

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