January 24

3 Bullet Points That Personal Economic Coach Will Achieve!

We are all living in a very busy world and have little time to assess anything unless it catches our eye. When confronted with someone who can help us financially we tend to gravitate to what is popular in the media.

The media is not always right and has proved that they only really promote financial products and services for the loudest and highest-paid programs over time. Personal Economic Coach is a program that has proven over the years to keep people from losing and here’s how. Using economic models in financial planning is important to get a clear understanding of your personal and business financial future.

  1. Assessing the client’s current financial situation: This includes analyzing their income, expenses, debt, assets, and credit score in a macroeconomic model to get a complete picture of their financial standing.

    Unless you are able to see whether what you are considering is right for you or not you are shooting in the dark. Personal economic coach actually shows clients what their financial world looks like currently and then simulates the future.
  2. Setting financial wants and dreams: Once the current financial situation has been assessed, the coach will work with the client to set wants and dreams instead of financial goals, such as saving for retirement, paying off debt, or building an emergency fund.

    When Needs and goals are focused on the wealth creation picture is hurt. The focus for all Americans should be to focus on wants and dreams because they are not limited in nature, where needs and goals are.

    When ever a financial planner asks the questions what are your goals, you want to tell them you just have wants and dreams, simply because needs and goals are limiting and you want to achieve your maximum potential.
  3. Developing a plan to achieve Wants and Dreams Through Financial Simulation: The coach will then work with the client to develop their personal model which will enable the client, through financial simulation, to see the future of the plan, and then see whether what they are wanting to do is financially prudent or not.

    This may include analyzing financial products and prove whether they are interacting with everything in your financial world properly. The coach will also provide guidance and support to help the client stay on track and make progress towards their simulated wants and dreams.

Personal Economic Coach is a highly unique system that far surpasses the financial planning model in dramatic ways. You really have to see it to believe it.

For many years people have been listening to financial planners tell them that this product or that product is the best way to build their financial future, only to have volatile markets wipe out their wealth. Then the financial planners would say well it will come back and you will recover your losses. This is unacceptable since clients all over the world lose money to these bad financial strategies. No one should lose anything regarding their wealth.

We make sure that doesn’t happen by allowing clients the ability to make all decisions and showing them what happens as we simulate their financial future showing how their wealth performs over time, eliminating losses.

We don’t charge for our services and feel that everyone deserves to be exposed to our process. Our income is made through commissions that are paid by a third party, not you. We never focus on products first we focus on processes, but still, products are used to achieve personal wants and dreams. You must see everything first before you do it, it only makes sense.

Check us out, what do you have to lose?

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