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Are You Going To Outlive Your Wealth?

Is Network Marketing a wealth creatorA very large majority of people will out live their wealth and income! How do you make sure that you constantly have a vibrant income stream keeping your lifestyle in tact?

The Wall Street Journal ran an article written by Jonathan Clements titled ” How to make your savings outlive you” where he talks about interest rates, investments and all the traditional methods put forth by the financial industry. When this is done many unknown variables are not taken into consideration such as inflation, lost opportunity cost, market fluctuations, planned obsolesce, propensity to consume, and many other economic principals that will defiantly impact future lifestyles.

I do as radio show once per week titled “Financial Freedom Radio” where you can get information about how to make sure you don’t outlive you income or wealth. It really doesn’t matter how old you are, as a mater of fact you should pay attention to future income at a young age.

Investment income will not give you the surety that your income will be there as you age. What should be focused on is residual income and how it will increase over time. As many of my readers know I am a huge proponent of Network Marketing which provides residual income that will increase as the business grows. For many who have a vague understanding of how network marketing works they know that the team will grow once the base is built by the efforts of the team. As the team grows more people are growing their teams enabling everyone who is actively building teams the luxury of enjoying growing personal residual income.

Without getting into the in’s and out’s of Network Marketing, which many articles are written, the whole structure is based on lots of people doing a little bit, and people making increasing residual income for life. The Network Marketing business model seems to get bad press from some people who failed in trying to make it work or don’t understand it. It’s like a failed insurance agent, telling people insurance doesn’t work. The same analogy works in any field. It is amazing how may people are successful in Network Marketing and in fact more millionaires have been created in Network Marketing than any other field.


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Dr. Raymond Jewell

Is Skype A Reliable Tool To Use In Your Business?

After using Skype for a number of years successfully without fear, they decided to shut down my system because they felt that it had been hacked.

I was using my Skype tool for my business every day. I had paid for a local number and unlimited usage for calls in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. I gave out my phone number as a business number and trusted Skype to always be there for me.

The other day I made about 15 calls within an hour period and thought nothing of it. My normal usage was about half that per day with the time of each call approximately an average of 40 minutes. Well this being said, I got up the next morning and the Skype system sent me an email saying that my system had been shut down and suspended. They gave me instructions on how to get it back up and running and said that I would get back in 24 hours. So I followed the steps and never heard back from Skype so I sent a second request to get it back running and after more that 48 hours I got an email telling me what I needed to do, so I followed the directions. The directions said to change my password and then notify them that I had done it, which I did.

About 24 hours later I got an email saying that they had no record of me changing my password so I did it again. Now this is where I stand as of the writing of this article.

The main reason for writing this article is that Skype left me high and dry. I run a global network marketing business and need to have access to the system and I need it to be reliable. Currently since my system is down, no one can call me and I can’t call them unless I use my cell phone, but calls to other countries have to be made through penny talk.

I personally believe Skype will get my system back up and running but having a back up plan is something you should have in case you get shut down. Don’t say it can’t happen to you, because Skype has full control. You can only reach Skype people through email, there is no phone number to call, so you are left to operate on their time table. I have no idea of how much business I have lost and how many people have tried to call me and have not been able to get through. This is a serious problem and one that I will always have a back up plan for to never let this happen again.

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Dr. Raymond Jewell