July 27

#1 Hidden Secret Rich People Use To Get Out Of Debt


Wealth Creation of The Rich- Revisiting the Fundamentals

Do you spend all your time cutting expenses to get rid of debt, trying to Get out of debt? Being one paycheck away from disaster trends have really gotten out of control lately. It's time to go back to the basics. To Get out of debt, you only have to focus on three things: Using the #1 Hidden Secrets rich people use to get out of debt. Learning how to get Use and Growth Simultaneously and understanding that this information will show that the financial institutions are not working in your best interest. Do this and you're good to go! Debt will be an afterthought.

The number one financial thing that people worry about is getting out of debt. The internet is loaded with all sorts of methods to use to get out of debt. If all these methods worked people would not still be complaining.

There is a simple technique that has been kept secret by the rich. It's kinda like the rich intended to keep it to themselves and not share it with others. Some people just don't want others to know how they do things. Many are unwilling to share, I stumbled upon this in my research.

If you happen to know my story then you know that in the mid-1980's I was flat broke. I was devastated and was constantly feeling sick to my stomach. I had the fear of failure running constantly in my head. If you've ever had that feeling then you'll know what I mean. Not sleeping or eating, fortunately, I don't drink, but that would have been a horrible sight. Emotionally I was a wreck.

I was really angry at the financial institutions that lead me down a path to losing everything. Playing by the rules of the financial institutions put me on a path to being vulnerable to any disaster that could occur. It's kinda like I had put myself in a position to lose by listening to the financial people. Losing money in markets and relying on savings to pay bills, and by not getting a paycheck (Remember I was self-employed.), there goes my money and then ultimately failure.

So when I lost everything I had to solve it. I had to turn the situation around, somehow. I noticed that the rich did well in good times and bad. What did they know that I didn't? I actually stumbled upon this concept and then put it into understandable terms. So I put it to use and guess what? It worked! I got out of debt and started to understand the financial institutions and how to win in spite of them.

I started to show this concept to my clients and they used it successfully to enhance their financial picture. This is one of many techniques that the rich use to increase their wealth and continue to grow it in spite of the financial institution's strategies. I had never taken them to the public until now, so I am now sharing them with you.

SECRET: Use and Growth Simultaneously Test

When I stumbled upon this I couldn’t believe what I found. As I uncovered this I remember my father doing this when I was a young boy. In order to have true wealth, you have to be able to use it and grow it at the same time. So by creating the Use and Growth Simultaneously Test, I now had a mental test to use whenever I spent or invested money.

So let me explain how it works so you can take advantage of it. Whenever you have anything of value you must be able to personally, physically, use it for it to have value to you. Also whenever you have anything of value you will want to get growth on your value while using it.

In other words, you want the value to go up while you personally, physically are using it.

When you have anything of value you want to Use it and Grow it at the same time. This is an ideal situation and will translate into wealth growth while enjoying the Use of the valued object.

Getting Use!

Now when you use your money (Value) to purchase items such as car insurance, homeowners insurance, disability insurance, term life insurance, etc., do you get Use of the money?

The answer is NO!

Do you get growth? NO!

No one will argue you get protection, but the fact remains that you only benefit if a catastrophe occurs.

You get no physical use and no financial growth when buying protection insurances.

Now, when you give the financial institutions your money for investments in the savings and growth components of this financial world such as savings accounts, money market accounts, checking accounts, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, IRA’s, 401k’s, and Roth IRA’s do you get Use of the money. The answer is NO! Let’s ask if you get growth on your money? The answer is yes, a small amount.

The financial institutions pay us a small amount of interest while they have our money. This is called Economic Rent, what's the smallest amount of money I can give you so I can use your money. Then they turn around and get massive amounts of growth on your money. and pay you a small economic rent.

So when you give the financial institutions your money you get no use and minimal growth. But let's ask the question do the financial institutions get Use when they have your money and the answer is a strong YES! Do the financial institutions get GROWTH on your money when they have it? The answer is YES!

So let's ask the simple question if getting Use and Growth on your money when the institutions have it is good for them, why don’t the financial institutions teach us how to do this. If they teach us how to do it then they can't.

Getting Use and Growth Simultaneously is a well know strategy that will build enormous wealth. The public stumbles into this in some cases and builds wealth in spite of the financial institutions. For example, when you buy your home do you get Use and Growth Simultaneously? The answer is YES! You live in it and it goes up simultaneously in value over time. The financial institutions know that this is a true wealth creation strategy and constantly tries to get your equity by selling 2nd mortgage loans and equity loans to the public. Borrow your money to take a trip or pay off bills, sound familiar? Do all this and pay us interest on your money while you are using it. After this, your equity is gone, but when you get a little more equity down the road, they want you to do it again.

Wealthy people use these strategies all the time. They buy art, antiques, gold, silver, and real estate among many other items of value. They know that they are getting use and growth simultaneously and will do it in everything they do. This may sound complicated or you might say that I am just a little guy. It works with anyone, remember I was broke and used it.

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