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Much like Napoleon Hill, I've spent my entire career studying what makes wealthy people wealthy. I'm not a financial advisor, I'm a personal economic coach and I've been coaching clients for over 40 years, using a mathematically provable, macro-economic philosophy. I teach clients how to protect, save and grow their money. I teach processes, I don't sell products.  And I'd love to share some of my ideas with you.

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About Me.

I have built several multi-million dollar consulting and coaching businesses.  I've been coaching professionals on wealth protection, savings and growth for over 40 years. I never charge my clients for my services and I've made a very good living for myself doing so. My methods are mathematically provable and always based on facts, not possibilities.  My goal is to educate my clients and give them options to fix financial inefficiencies in their lives.  I never push individual products (like a lot of financial planners do) but act more as a liaison between my clients and a variety of financial service providers to make sure my clients get the proper solution to their individual problems.

They Say

I met Ray Jewell after he presented at a chiropractic seminar I was attending 23 years ago. I am so grateful that I was introduced to him and Leap! Instead of just the typical look at single components independent of each other (investments, insurance, debt, taxes, etc), he loaded my entire financial world into a model that examined how EVERYTHING interacts!

I have to admit, I was alarmed to see all the places I was hemorrhaging money and vulnerable. We made smart model-based changes and righted the ship! This set me on the most efficient path to financial freedom and provided vital protection for my family.

Dr. Scott Rosenthal

Wilmington, DE

Ray's helped me keep more of my money working for me. Just like the banks keep my money working for them. Ray's financial modeling is really unique and clever. It's a new paradigm just like chiropracy is a new paradigm of health care.

He's been instrumental in keeping my financial picture looking good.

Dr. George Rhodes

Philadelphia, PA

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I've been coaching clients for over 40 years.  I've been studying economics and wealth for longer than that. I've written a book that is a great primer on how rich people obtained (and are able to keep) their wealth.  I've distilled it down to some simple practices that anyone can execute and achieve the same results!  Of course rich people won't tell you these things, but I will.